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How To Build A SEO Friendly Website

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You have a website that you want to be picked up better in the search engines, but you see it isn't going anywhere. If you do not use SEO, it will not get picked up in the search engines very well. You have to do something about it.

Creating a website is the first step; there are many more that you need to take.

You do not want your website to just sit there with no visitors. If you want your website to be found, you should use some of the methods listed.

There are many factors people go after when building a search engine optimized website but only a few are the most important that will give you the highest rankings.

To avoid wasting your time with SEO tips that have no real value, here are the most important elements of building an SEO-friendly website.

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Always write timeless content

When writing content for your website, you could go with the latest trends but after the hype dies down so does the traffic.

Instead of chasing these spikes of traffic, aim to write timeless content that will always be relevant to people searching for the information.

Timeless content will continually be linked to, building backlinks and sending it higher within search engine results. Strive for timeless content and each new article you distribute will build a search engine friendly website.

Write about something people will always need, and it will never go out of style. You will see a slow and steady boost in your traffic when you do this, and link it properly.

Make sure the content is original. Nothing beats originality. As a matter of fact the more original something is, the more popular it will become, not only with the search engines, but with people too. Everyone loves original content.

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Use the right keywords

When creating web pages on your website, use your main keywords and secondary keywords which you've researched through various tools like the Free Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker.

Type in your main keyword and get a clear understanding of what people are typing into search engines to find content related to the keywords. After you've found your main and secondary keywords, fill your content and HTML tags with these terms to ensure search engines pick your pages up.

Because you use keywords throughout your website, you'll build a strong search engine optimized website that will continually reach higher rankings within search results.

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Build backlinks (every day)

 Every day that your website is online, you should be trying to build backlinks.

Backlinks are debated to be the most important factors of search engine optimization just behind creating keyword rich content.

With each new backlink, search engines will reward your website with higher rankings as it finds your content to be worthwhile to its search engine users.

Even after you've outranked your competition for your keywords, continually build your backlinks so they never get the chance to dethrone you. Once you are on top, you should aim to stay there. Do not just assume your site is done after you get to the top. This is something you have to continuously work at.

You can build backlinks through a variety of methods such as:

  • Submitting articles to eZineArticles
  • Leaving a signature in forums
  • Submitting your content to Digg
  • Guest posting on a blog

In reality, these three elements are the most important factors for search engine optimization.

Many website owners will spend their time doing minimal SEO tricks but none of it compares to these fundamentals. Use each of these correctly, never spamming and you'll soon be dominating your keywords.

Remember that patience is also a key when it comes to SEO. You should work every day doing what you can to build your rank. Do not expect results to happen overnight. A large portion of people that attempt to build their page rank give up. They give up because they do not see the results right away. Do not be one of those people. Exercise patience. Anyone with a successful website will tell you that this is one key into becoming popular in search engines. You may have real good content, but if you are missing the elements listed, you are missing the opportunity to gain popularity with your content and or website.

Just remember:





Repeat the steps listed every single day. Updating your content every now and then isn’t a bad idea either.

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