Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Main categories of the wigs products based on the different workmanship

July 30, 2014 - USA - The full lace wigs and human hair wig could be mainly divided into three types based on the differences of workmanship. Now, the popular clip in hair extensions online store will introduce with each people these wig types one by one.

The first one is the handmade weaving wigs. The mechanic staff will use the crochet to crochet the hair onto the end of the small holes of private network one by one. This kind of full lace wig has very good feeling of wind dynamic realism. The workmanship of the craftsman should be the same with the embroidered mother, which is the pure hand-made working. This work requires very excellent patience, perseverance and eyesight. With the prosperity of this industry and the increasing of wig wearers’ demand, this time consuming method has become very little and the wigs crocheted mechanic is slowly disappeared. However, there are also some luxury wigs products also make use of this method.

The second one is the mechanisms full lace wigs. This method make use of the high efficiency machine to finish the wholly production process. However, the lace wigs which are made by this method do not have the real hair feeling and the price of them is very low.

The third one is the semi hand-woven wig. The first half of the whole making process should be based on the hand working and the rest part relies on the machine operating. Frankly speaking, the price of the semi hand-woven wig is cheaper than the totally hand-woven fully lace wig but this product has more natural feeling than the mechanism woven wigs.

After the description of the classification of the lace wigs types, people also need to know the information about the mixed hair wig which is combined by the real human hair and chemical fiber hair. The true hair is instability and it is unable to maintain the nice curvature which leads to the difficult management for these human hair wigs. This should be the big shortcoming of the real hair wig. Therefore, the mixed hair wigs have been created by people. This sort of hair wig could not only maintain the comfortable feeling of real hair but also to ensure the good-looking hairstyles curvature.

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