Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sadie Katz is a Screaming Success

Sadie Katz
Wrong Turn 6 : Last Resort actress has become a popular name in horror

While many of the actors she studied Meisner with at The Victory Theatre have ignored the genre, Hollywood thesp Sadie Katz fully embraced the fun and possibilities of horror.

The young actress, known for her roles in fright-flicks like House of Bad and Scorned, says she owes a lot to scary movies. 

"[As students of the Victory Theatre] we were all taking ourselves very, very seriously... and were doing scenes from Mamet and juicy stuff like that. And we would talk about wanting to do dramas and indie films but, none of us talked about doing horror. And here's the crazy thing, a lot of those guys and girls skipped doing the horror. I didn't. And I'm so excited and grateful for the opportunities the genre has blessed me with!"

Katz, whose other credits include the acclaimed drama Chavez Cage of Glory, says horror isn't just busty damsels running from gigantic fiends of the night.

"I just got lucky to actually get scripts with well written female roles in horror as opposed to girls just running from ax murders," she laughs, "but that's fun too."

"And of course, the other truth is nothing challenges you like a horror... you're screaming, crying, there's the sexy element too. So, if that's the direction it's going I say bring it on!"

This Halloween, Katz can be seen in the latest instalment in the Wrong Turn franchise. 

Many major names have come out of Wrong Turn movies – Buffy's Eliza Dushku being one — and knowing that definitely played a part in Katz's keeness to get involved.

"I've been a fan of Eliza's since "Buffy" so just to be associated with her in any way is just so like crazy", says Katz, also an accomplished screenwriter. "If I said I wasn't drooling for this part, I'd be lying.  I was crazy for the part. When I want a part bad, I can't eat, I can't sleep. I get the fever.  I won't shut up about it."

Katz says fans of the Wrong Turn franchise are going to "go nuts" for the latest instalment, Wrong Turn 6 : Last Resort.

"The script is just so wildly original and daring. There's not one fake tear in this movie, I'm pretty sure the screams are all real too."

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