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Global and China Luxury Apparel Industry Report 2014-2017

Global and China Luxury Apparel Industry adds Latest Report on "Global and China Luxury Apparel Industry Report 2014-2017" to its store.

With the improvement of people’s income as well as the prosperity of agent purchasing and gifting, the luxury market in China (especially Mainland China) has achieved steady growth over the recent years. During 2004-2011, China's total consumption of luxury goods showed a CAGR of 20.9%. However, since 2012, influenced by the policies of anti-corruption, suppression of gifting and consumption with public funds, the growth rate of luxury consumption in China has been slowing down rapidly. In 2013, total luxury consumption in China was RMB 116 billion, up by only 2.1% YoY, falling 5.1 points compared to the growth rate in 2012.

At present, most luxuries in China are concerned about dressing, of which apparel account for over 60%. In 2013, China's total consumption of luxury apparel was RMB 76.13 billion, accounting for 65.6% of the total consumption of luxury goods, and it is expected to reach about RMB 89.04 billion in 2017.

Wristwatches, bags & suitcases and men's wear are major luxury apparel consumer products in China, which accounted for 72.9% of total consumption of luxury apparel in China in 2013. Among them, wristwatches made up the highest proportion 35.0%.

Being optimistic about the prospects of China's luxury market, the world's major apparel brands such as Louis Vuitton (LV), Hermes, Burberry, Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Thomas Pink all have begun their layout in China in recent years.

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LV: a global luxury apparel brand with the highest value in 2014. As of the end of June, 2014, LV has a total of 50 specialty stores in 33 cities in Chinese Mainland, adding one city (Jinan) and 5 specialty stores compared with the numbers in 2013.

Hermès: the most popular luxury brand in China in 2014, with brand value reaching USD 21.84 billion. As for its strategy in China, Hermès draws close to the Chinese consumers through its "Shang Xia" brand and through building Chinese-style luxury. Currently, there are two "Shang Xia" brand stores each in Shanghai and Paris.

Burberry: the eighth largest luxury brand worldwide in 2014. In recent years, while actively strengthening partnership with Baidu, Youku and Alibaba, Burberry also opens the new online private customization service. In April 2014, Burberry online store successfully settled in and became the first top luxury shop to open in China's B2C online stores.

This report focuses on the following:

  • Scale and regional structure of Global and China luxury markets, and overseas consumption of Chinese consumers, etc;
  • Tax policies, size, product structure, regional structure and brand development status, etc of China luxury apparel market;
  • Size of clothing, wristwatch, bag & suitcase, shoes and other apparel market segments and development and layout of various brands in China, etc.;
  • Research of characteristics, information channel, purchase propensity of Chinese luxury apparel consumers;
  • Online shopping market size and online shopping features of luxury apparel and patterns of netrepreneursin China;
  • Operation and development in China of 8 key global luxury companies (including 17 brands);
  • Forecast of Global and China luxury and China luxury apparel market size in 2014-2017.

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Few Points from Table of Contents

7 Leading Luxury Apparel Production Enterprises
7.1 LVMH
7.2 Richemont
7.3 Kering
7.4 Chanel
7.5 HermèS
7.6 Burberry
7.7 Versace
7.8 Prada

List of Charts

Global Total Consumption of Luxury Goods and YoY Growth, 2001-2014
Structure of Total Global Consumption of Luxury Goods, by Region, 2013
Total Consumption of Luxury Goods by Chinese Consumers, 2008-2014
Consumption of Luxury Goods by Chinese Consumers, by Region, 2009-2013
Main Reasons Why Chinese Consumers Buy Luxury Goods Abroad
Favorite Places to Buy Luxury Goods for Chinese Consumers
Number and Proportion of Tourists at the Top 10 Duty-Free Consumption Countries/Regions, 2012-2013
Number of Stores in China of Major Global Affordable Luxury Brands, 2014
Total Global Consumption of Luxury Goods and YoY Growth, 2013-2017E
Total Global Consumption of Luxury Goods by Chinese Consumers and YoY Growth, 2013-2017E Evolvement of Luxury Apparel Tax Policies in China
Tax Rates of Some Imported Luxury Apparel in China, 2014
Total Consumption of Luxury Apparel and YoY Growth in China, 2004-2014
Total Consumption of Luxury Apparel in Mainland China, by Category, 2013-2014
Number and Proportion of Stores in 15 Most-Distributed Cities of 50 Major Global Luxury Apparel Brands, by the End of June 2014
Structure of Multimillionaires in China, by Province/Municipality, 2013
Structure of the Rich in China, by City, 2013
Sales of Beijing Shin Kong Place, 2011-2013
Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods in Beijing, 2006-2013
Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents in Beijing, 2006-2013

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