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Website Designing Company gurgaon

Have you thought of something that could be perfect for your web design Can\\\'t figure out how to get it started? Can it even be done Website AllMost Done The web designer at Design A Website can talk you through the possibilities and how to implement Our ideas into a website.Design

Our team of professional and dedicated web designers and developers our team is very high experience team . We provide,seo,cms . We also offer jquery animations, gif animations,maya animations portals design, Logo designing, banner ,online dhopping cart designing, web design with php, ASP coding and scripting, etc.

We Provide Website Designing company based in Gurgaon near Sector 39 Gurgaon, India.  We have built a reputation of providing low Amount Website designs  Web 2.0 sites keeping in  Fresh Mind in Work Our Client Site In the Clients 's budget. We also do ppc (Pay Per Click) for your sites helping you mark your presence Live

We are a one-Non-stop company for web services and  Development ,logo design banner design catalog design template design brochure design form design web hosting domain registration email marketing  etc.

At NCR IT SOLUTION  we have a passion for help our clients business to Full and better in today's ever aggressive web development's

Our web  solutions is a creative Static and dynmic website designer and development in Gurgaon . static websites are created using minimum  HTML coding.and script files

Our static web development  services starts with understand  the  clients requirement after ,start  designing the approve template in progress complete website development

Static web designs are idea for create images, banner etc. Static websites are easy to navigate and it is browser.

NCR IT SOLUTION is an integrated website development  and development company in Gurgaon. We have the expertise and ability to NCR IT SOLUTION by understand

 Your business and strategic in latest Technologies  objectives by utilizing our it solution knowledge, domain expertise, Our teams understands your business to deliver solutions that work for you. We have a Best and high  experience in Website design Gurgaon. If you are speaking for website development in Gurgaon for your Current web sites or a  new sites, then we can better help your business  with high return on your business

 We have development  Creative it solutions and E-Commerce solutions in Gurgaon starting from software development company extensive web-based applications,

 We identify your needs, and accordingly design  and development  solutions that address your business, marketing and communication objectives.

NCR IT SOLUTION  currently offers expert web design and web application  development  clients needs. Depending on client specific requirements NCR IT SOLUTION Development  team is available  to development  a customized -based solution from consider big  website to complex web applications. We leverage the time and cost saving advantages of open source technologies to deliver full-featured, scalable and inexpensive web based application solutions. And after a deep discussion with our  clients, we finalize all the activities need to be done and we assure best design and development  company in Gurgaon india

Contact Person: Rajesh
Email: Send Email
Phone: 9899363320
Address:Sector 39 
City: Gurgaon
State: Haryana
Country: India

The Doctors Answer – A HIPAA Complaint Physician Answering Service with a Difference

Offers "Superior service" with the help of Trained Representatives Also On Offer – Attractive Low Priced Packages and Free Trial for One Month


United States of America, 17 January 2013: The Doctors Answer with more than 25 years experience as a professional answering service for the medical community is attracting clients with competitive rates and an offer of 1 month free trial.

Many traditional answering companies have the same set of employees for lawyers, airlines or doctors.

"We doctors require an answering service dedicated to our specialized needs", says a specialist physician. "A service that provides one-size fits all solution to all clients will not deliver results".

The physician is right.

A doctor's practice never treats with a one-size fits all solution to each and every patient. How can they expect doctor answering services to do the same?

The most important factor that singles out a good medical answering company from the mundane ones is the quality of staff. The staff must be appropriately trained to attend to medical calls.

If the staff includes nurses it is much better because triage queries need satisfactory responses. Additionally, complicated questions on insurance need expert handling.

"HIPAA compliance is the key feature we look into while choosing a physician answering service", says a doctor of a well-known hospital.

HIPAA, abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, now a law, focuses on standards for electronic transactions, privacy for individually identifiable health information and security of electronic protected health information.

It is important that a medical answering company must:

Know how to use patient's health information (PHI)

  • Know how to interact with the patient's family
  • Have a clear and concise knowledge of the patients rights

As per a survey nearly 25% of healthcare expenses are spent on administrative overheads. This has made the need to reform the insurance market and simplify the administrative processes, imperative.

The main goal of HIPAA is to standardize the use of electronic transmission of administrative and financial data because it is important to protect patient data in every possible manner.

A trained agent says, "we keep all PHI locked and secured when we are away, do not use any patient identifiers in email, and do not discuss patient health information in public areas".

The key security rule is, all technical, physical and administrative safeguards must be implemented to address the confidentiality of patients.

Fortunately for the medical practice, answering companies like The Doctors Answer has put in place, policies that make clients' medical data safe and protected. They have their own 128-bit encryption message delivery system to safeguard patient information.

Most important of all, the staff must be disciplined in their dealings. They must not install unauthorized software or unlicensed software on computers or abuse the internet or e-mail access privileges accorded to them.

The Doctors Answer seems to be doing a good job of developing and implementing information security policies and procedures. Their employees attend routine workshops and undergo strict HIPAA compliance training.

Apart from HIPAA compliance, disaster management is important. Power outages due to storms, breakdowns or any other reason must not prevent patients from contacting doctors. Use of modern technology and other redundancy methods can ensure that the answering companies continue to function smoothly.

Considering many factors, choosing the right physician answering service is quite a task for doctors. Providing friendly and professional answers is one thing, but handling all calls with a proper protocol requires a specialized physician answering service.

The Doctors Answer, with their competitive rates, looks to fit the bill perfectly.


Company Name: The Doctors Answer
Contact Person: Adam James
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-571-8280
Country: United States

Auto Repair at Mick’s Automotive

Get your vehicle repair at Santa Cruz Auto Repair that offers diagnostic equipments for all repair systems of your vehicle. We are Specialize in Auto repair of Japanese Vehicles.

Think… while on road your car stops and not starting again. This could be due to many reasons. We know you have a very hectic life style and you can't make time to bring your vehicle for servicing until it gets too late. This leads to expensive repairing and takes your lot of time. Some people opt to take the cheap way out for repairing. They get assistance from people who are not professionally certified. Taking the cheap servicing isn't always good decision.

It is better to go to professional Santa Cruz Auto Repair. One of the best reasons for getting assistance is that they have all the diagnostic equipments which are used for all vehicle system. There are certain pieces of equipments that are needed for particular repairing issues. What's needed to fix a dent is totally different from what's needed for replacement of tires. Other best reason to go to a professional Santa Cruz Car Repair is that they offer warranty. It ensures that the vehicle owner is protected in the cases where might something go wrong with the repair. An uncertified person usually doesn't offer warranty. The owner really cannot do anything with the compensated issue if the repair goes wrong prematurely.

Mick's Automotive is ASE Certifies and Toyota Hybrid Specialists. Our technicians are well aware of today's technologies as they attend regular automotive seminars. At least 150+ hours a Year! We provide technical Santa Cruz Car Repair specialists in Acura, Honda, Lexus, Subaru, Nissan, Infiniti and Toyota. We are also specialize in repair of Japanese Vehicles including timing belts, car batteries, overheating, brake repair, suspension, shocks, struts and diagnosis services.

Your vehicle needs time to time maintenance but because of having hectic routine it might get neglected. Mick's Automotive can help with vehicle repairing and maintenance reminders. We'll let you know when you are due for an oil change and any recommended maintenance is coming up for your vehicle. So it is easy to know when it's the right time to come in.


Company Name: Micks Auto
Contact Person: NEIL Blattner
Email: Send Email
Phone: 4085964676
Address:117 Bernal Rd Suite 70203 San Jose, CA
City: San Jose
State: California
Country: United States


access 2010 training

Creative Mentor Training is an online stop that claims to offer unlimited after course support to its students even after they are done with theaccess 2010 training course. The after course support is offered through unlimited phone calls and emails in order to keep the student back on the track as far as expertise in the subject is concerned. Microsoft Access tutorial will help the learners to create database applications easily. The course offers practical as well as hands on training and there is also one-on-one attention which will help people fine tune databases.

Creative Mentor Training offers a certificate on completion of Access 2010 Training and the training is imparted by a group of accredited professional trainers. The Microsoft Access Tutorial includes different types of training courses and they are Access 2010, Access 2007, Access one-on-one, Access Mastery, Access Group Training and Access Onsite Training.

When contacted about why one should opt for Access 2010 Training at Creative Mentor Training, the spokesperson for the online course center replied, "We have trainers who are accredited professionals. And we also offer a money back guarantee on our courses. This only reflects the kind of confidence we have on our experts and the course content. We never postpone a schedule or cancel a course. We also provide a choice as far as workstations are concerned in our training rooms and the choice is between PCs and MACs that are available. We assure to all our students that we are confident of delivering world class teaching through the resources that are available at our place. The class size is so small that each one who has enrolled for the course will get individual attention. The location of the institute is so convenient for a lot many other aspects as well. With a mid city location, and ample car parking, you need not have to worry about parking issues too after you have entered your class room."

For more details on the fee structure for the various microsoft access tutorialcourses, log on to

Summary: Creative Mentor Training is an online stop that claims to offer unlimited after course support to its students even after they are done with the Access 2010 training course. The after course support is offered through unlimited phone calls and emails in order to keep the student back on the track as far as expertise in the subject is concerned.

Company Profile Detail

Company Name : Creative Mentor Training


Address : Level 6, 115 Pitt Street Sydney CBD NSW 2000.

Country : Australia

Contact No : 1300 722 282

Contact E-mail : 

Company Name: Creativementor training
Contact Person: greatparkers
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1300722282
Address: Level 6, 
115 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD NSW 2000 
City: Sydney
State: NSW
Country: Australia


It's a 4000 year old mystery and has plagued Australian livestock production for most of the past two centuries. According to the Invasive Animals CRC, this mystery is holding back best practice management of dingoes and wild dog problems across Australia. How do we effectively manage dingoes and other free-ranging cross-breed dogs when we just don't know the true ecological roles of these predators?

Researchers with the Invasive Animals CRC, led by Ben Allen and Peter Fleming – Wild Dog Theme Leader for the Invasive Animals CRC, have just published a critical review of dingo research methodology in Biological Conservation, which identifies the need for long-term research on the ecological roles of dingoes and other free ranging dogs. But long-term research to 2017 is now underway!

Based at Orange as Principal Research Scientist in the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit of Biosecurity NSW, Peter said that, depending on what they are eating at the time, free-ranging dogs are viewed differently by people. For some, they are destructive pests attacking sheep and cattle. For others, dingoes are seen as an "under-utilised weapon" against feral cats and foxes (collectively referred to as meso-predators). Peter said there is much uncertainty about potential meso-predator suppression by free-ranging dogs, including dingoes.

"It's critically important that we manage the negative impacts of free-ranging dogs using the most up-to-date scientific information," Peter said. "Right now, pressure is being brought to bear on livestock producers in some areas to reduce lethal control of all free-ranging dogs because of potential environmental benefit of dingoes.

"We know wild dogs and sheep don't mix and that strategic co-management is the best way to go for both conservation and agricultural goals. Community wild dog control programs in livestock production areas can suffer because of conflicting information about the roles of dingoes and the other free-ranging wild dogs. However, our review shows we are unsure what the ecological roles are. The new research may yet demonstrate there are ecosystem services and net benefits of retaining free-ranging wild dogs to suppress foxes and feral cat impacts in some areas, but they will still need to be controlled for livestock protection".

To get to the bottom of the dingo mystery and to determine the ecological roles of free-ranging wild dogs in the many different ecosystems that make up Australia, the Invasive Animals CRC and its partners have embarked on a five-year research program to enhance the nation's ability to manage all their impacts. This information is critical to manage this unique and charismatic predator in Australia – the dingo, while mitigating livestock losses.

Based at the University of New England and Biosecurity NSW, the research program will centre on north-east NSW and south-east Qld, a biodiversity hotspot but where livestock producers continue to suffer predation problems. The University of New England is currently receiving applications until 15 February for research PhDs to support the wild dog research team. Substantial Invasive Animals CRC resources are being devoted to the research, with up to eight PhD projects about native and introduced predators, their interactions with their prey, the plants the prey eats and the social and economic context of wild dog impacts.

"In five years time we will have a sound understanding of the relationships between the predators, prey, plants and people in the highly-productive north-east NSW." Peter said. "In the meantime, the coordinated, strategic approach to managing free-ranging dogs and preventing livestock predation must continue."

1. Peter Fleming, Ph (02) 6391 3806,

2. Dingo PhD applications, closing 15th February 2013, A/Prof Nick Reid, email:

3. Biological Conservation article 

Company Name: Invasive Animals CRC
Contact Person: Glenn Conroy
Email: Send Email
Phone: +61 2 6201 2890
Address: UC Innovation Centre, Building 22, University Drive South
University of Canberra BRUCE ACT 2617
Country: Australia

Friday, January 25, 2013

Claiming What’s Rightfully Yours With Claimbrand

Long before the internet, people had discovered ways to exploit large companies. They would watch trademarks very carefully. If a company forgot to renew that trademark, it would be bought by someone else. If that company was well known for that trademark and didn't want to give it up, the company would have to pay up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it back.

The internet has made activities like this much easier to perform. On social networks especially, people will create usernames based on a company's brand name or slogan. This is known as cybersquatting, or brand name squatting on social networks . In this way, another company can increase its exposure on the internet through the reputation that you have already built. Worse yet, what if a rival company wanted to harm your reputation? Although unethical, these things happen regularly. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of social networks on the internet, with more being created every day. It would be difficult to scour each one individually, ensuring that your brand name or slogan is not being used by someone else. can search username availability on social networks in a matter of seconds. In this way, you can keep track of your username and discover who might be using it and on which websites. You can also discover on which social media networks your username is available. The best course of action would then be to create a profile on each of these sites, but that would be rather difficult. Through claim brand, you can register on over 550 social networks within a week, ensuring that no one is operating with false association to the business that you have built.

We can create a claim brand profile on facebook, twitter, YouTube, and literally hundreds of other social networking sites that you may not have heard of. Moreover, if you know of a site that isn't on our list, just let us know and we'll add it. By maintaining a relationship with us, you can search username availability on social networks that will be created later, allowing you brand name protection both now and in the future.

Brand name squatting is a serious issue. Someone can build another business on your reputation, or even use their profile to ruin your reputation. will make you aware of all of this, giving you the ability to take action accordingly. can also use these social networking sites to further expose your company name. This will increase your ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo. All you have to do is generate traffic on those sites to ensure that your reputation builds positively and maintains the high ranking that you have achieved on those websites. Companies all over the world have learned how valuable these social networks can be. Now, you can utilize that value to its fullest extent through

Visit today, and learn more about how we can help protect your brand name from cyber squatters and increase your exposure across the entire globe.

Company Name: Claim Brand
Contact Person: Claim Brand
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-762-6542
Address: 2201 3rd Ave Suite# 2510

City: Seattle
State: WA 98121
Country: United States

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What do you mean you don’t speak Chinese?

Critical Proof is a young and dynamic company specialised in academic and business content writing. This includes carrying out scientific editing, writing and editing essays and dissertations, as well as proofreading for PhD and Master's students. This is in addition to providing web content in English as well as many other foreign languages.


"Obviously, many of our customers are students, both in the UK and abroad," says Karen Oliver, Managing Director at Critical Proof. "We have had customers from as far away as South Africa and Thailand. Our client base comprises mostly mature students who also work or run their own business. However, we are increasingly moving over to B2B work, which includes providing expert content, transcription and translation services to national and global pharmaceutical, scientific research, telecommunication and media brands."

Today, Critical Proof announced their new Professional Translation Service. It's a cliché, but the world has become a village! Modern communication allows companies to conduct business with partners from all over the world. But often the language is a problem, particularly where technical jargon is concerned, and that's where Critical Proof comes in.

"I requested an English to Chinese translation and received it promptly," testifies Will Greenhouse, Director of Monkfish Web Design in Brighton. Deckchair Research Limited in London asked Critical Proof to carry out the translation of some websites into several languages for their own clients. "Critical Proof offer translations in languages that are really out of the ordinary," says their Managing Director, Panayiotis Michael Kokotsis. Paul Carremans, a Belgian copywriter and author with a global readership, said he was amazed at the list of languages displayed on Critical Proof's website "Sure, they offer the usual French, German and Spanish, but how many translation agencies have professional staff that can help you with Hindi, Mandarin or Tamil," he wonders.

Karen Oliver explains: "All of our staff are highly educated in their fields across technical, scientific, financial, political and legal sectors. So not only do our translators have excellent linguistic capabilities, they are also experts within their industry spheres. This enables us to carry out far more technical translation assignments than most other companies are able to."

Critical Proof are located in Reading, but who cares? They speak your language, wherever you are!


Contact Person: Karen Oliver
Email: Send Email
Phone: +44 (0) 118 938 0929
Address:PO Box 8162 Reading Berkshire RG30 9HX
Country: United Kingdom

Chance For Doctors To Try Out One Of The Best Medical Answering Services

Cullens Communications offers one month's free trial to consumers allowing them to test their state-of-the-art call systems.


Press Release, Goshen, New York: 16 January 2013: Cullens Communications, a New York based medical answering service is offering doctors a sophisticated telecommunication system with "exceptional call quality and functionality".

They have 2 packages on offer – a flat rate plan and an extra care plan. The latter for clients who want their callers to speak with a live agent each time.

For medical practitioners the present business environment is very challenging. The volume of calls can be exceptionally high making it arduous to ensure calls are answered quickly and as accurately as possible.

Hiring a professional medical answering service is of course, the answer. But even for medical answering services that ensure calls are promptly responded, there is a need to resort to sophisticated telecommunications technology.

Today doctors' answering services have many ways out.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is one solution. IVR provides callers with a self service mode and has been hugely popular with many other organizations besides the medical service. The system wherever put in place, has made a dramatic difference to the way calls are handled.

Doctors need sophisticated methodologies to call handling. The very nature of their profession demands such an approach.   For medical answering services different call routing solutions are available to answer their needs.

Interactive call announcements, priority queuing, multiple call queues, click to chat, and web callback are some of the features that telecommunication systems have developed to deal with calls efficiently.

Cullens Communications seems to have made the best use of modern technology. They have put in place, the latest answering service technology. In addition, the company assures customers the option to customize each account to suit their needs.

This is certainly heartening because to make sure that customer calls are answered as quickly as possible, not only boosts callers' confidence but also enhances the doctors' reputation.

"My aim was to raise customer service levels by having more enquires dealt with the first time", says a reputed physician in Goshen. "I am happy my medical answering service has done this quickly and efficiently".

If call volumes are high, a good physician answering service pro-actively manages the calls by the addition of more agents as required. Some services even ensure patients are well-informed how their calls are progressing, by intelligent announcements – of course by protocols approved by their doctor clients.

The above are only some of the benefits technology has accorded to doctors' answering services.

Business communication systems today have modular approaches to call routing and Cullens Communications seems to have leveraged the advantage. The answering service is now in a position to offer an appropriate solution for each client to create the right experience for their callers.

Technology is moving ahead fast. It is imperative that medical answering services must keep pace with the latest. Periodically every answering company must re-evaluate their call routing systems. Perhaps a more advanced reporting system can be generated for customer satisfaction.

Upgrading call routing can involve putting in place a basic plan that fits in geolocation. For medical answering services this has the advantage of pulling out all past call histories in real time so that they can make appropriate call routing decisions.

Call routing solutions can also determine whether the patient is a first-time caller or an old one. This enables the doctor's answering service to handle the enquiry appropriately by routing it to a specific specialist or otherwise.

Cullens Communications works with all kinds of medical specialists – Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Dentists, Neurologists, gynecologists and more.

Health care providers, desirous of hiring a professional level answering service, can contact Cullens Communications


Company Name: Cullens Communications
Contact Person: Adam Bane
Email: Send Email
Phone: 877 499 1280
Address:40 Mathews St. Suite 204 Goshen NY 10924 
Country: United States

You Just Can’t Resist The New World Named ‘India’

We welcome you to the world of hospitality.

Delhi & NCR, January 19, 2013 – Have you ever imagined how well can your India trip go? If you haven't, possibility isn't the word for you. And, if you ever wish to disbelieve us, simply pick either Rajasthan holidays or Kerala holidays from Overall Travel and most of your doubts are going to evade soon.


As it is believed that our comfort zone has been doing all the not-so-wonderful magic to our plans and has been putting a nice kibosh on them, it's never too late to wake up. As an Indian Travel Portal, Overall Travel slits all the possibilities of such lackadaisical approaches by you. Looking at our preparation behind the scenes, one can help but plan it with no second thoughts. After all, it is all about hope!

We have no qualms in saying that that way tourism is shaping up in India; one must begin his holiday destination from within the country first. And for all your worries related to travel, team Overall Travel is committed to take you an extra mile.

As Mr. Bhupender Mehta, CEO, Overall Travel reverberates with what Walter Anderson had once said, "True hope dwells on the possible, even when life seems to be a plot written by someone who wants to see how much hardship we can overcome…"

So shun anything but hope!

About Us

Overall Travel is a leading online travel solution provider with rich industry experience. Our bouquet of services includes best deals across the globe, thanks to our liaison with big names in travel industry. Excellent Customer Support and most competitive prices are some of our key USPs. Our experts have knitted each services with complete detailing, giving you a sense of fulfilment.

Company Name:
Contact Person: Amit Pathria
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0120-4888900
Country: India

World’s First Bike Lifestyle portal and e-mag launched

"With the launch of MBMW, we now have an online resource that we hope bikers will find very interesting, insightful and useful. We hope to work closely with bikers across the world to promote safe and responsible riding," says MBMW's Editor, Ms Usha Munshi, herself a bike enthusiast, and a seasoned journalist who has earlier worked with leading newspapers and magazines for more than a decade.

URM Media LLP, announces the launch of www.mybikemyworld, world\'s first bike lifestyle portal and e-mag. This global platform promotes safe and responsible riding among bikers and riders of all age groups, worldwide.


Mumbai (16.01.2013): URM Media LLP announces the launch of MyBikeMyWorld (, the world's first bike lifestyle portal and e-magazine.

URM Media LLP is happy to announce the launch of MyBikeMyWorld (MBMW), the world's first bike lifestyle portal and e-magazine for bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts. MBMW has been created to address the requirements of millions of riders and bikers worldwide. 

MBMW aims to provide everything that bike riders need – news, reviews of new bicycles/ scooters/ e-bikes and motorcycles, biker apparel reviews, information about accessories for bikers, expert buying advice, and useful tips and tricks that can help bikers keep their machines in top shape. And there's more. Unlike other biking publications, MBMW goes beyond two-wheeler news and reviews and actually embraces the entire biker lifestyle. The site also talks about motorsport, music and movies, gadgets and gizmos, travel, events, books and fitness. For bikers, MBMW is a hip and happening one-stop resource for everything they love, along with a 'blog' option, where they can freely write about their experiences and mingle with like-minded enthusiasts.

The video option on the portal has some very unique content for riders to choose from. MBMW allows access to several international online stores that offer a wide range of biker kit, gear and accessories that may be hard to find anywhere else.  

For those who demand still more, MBMW's monthly e-magazine brings a wide selection of features, including bike reviews, comparison tests, interviews, travel stories, biker events and more. 

"With the launch of MBMW, we now have an online resource that we hope bikers will find very interesting, insightful and useful. We hope to work closely with bikers across the world to promote safe and responsible riding," says MBMW's Editor, Ms Usha Munshi, herself a bike enthusiast, and a seasoned journalist who has earlier worked with leading newspapers and magazines for more than a decade. 

If you require more information or wish to schedule an interview with Ms Usha Munshi, please write to us on

Company Name: URM MEDIA LLp
Contact Person: Usha Munshi
Email: Send Email
Phone: 912226734178
Address:211, Kuber, New Link Road, Andheri West Mumbai, India, 400053
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Country: India
Website: & SAI Present Spa, Health, Beauty, Wellness & Medical Tourism Business Conference & Expo – 2013

23rd February 2013, Hotel Mountview, Sector-10, Chandigarh (INDIA) Presented by SAI,NIMA & SPASINDIA.COM

I take pleasure to inform you that North India Management Association NIMA) with the Spa Association of India ( SAI ) has planned an International Business Conference on Saturday, 23rd February, 2013 at Hotel Mount View in Sector 10 Sector, at Chandigarh on the above subject from 10 am onwards.

Thailand is the Theme country.

It is learnt that leading Corporate, Government officials, Health, Spa, Beauty and Wellness outfits, Banks & Financial Institutions, Infrastructure Developers for SPA, Health and wellness industry.

Aesthetics Spa, Health & Wellness is being heralded as the sunrise industry of the 21st century. The global spa economy is estimated to be worth $255 billion per year worldwide. Global spa facilities generate $46.8 billion per annum. It is estimated that there are 1.2 million spa workers worldwide. It is estimated that there are 71,600+ spas worldwide. India's Wellness industry Potential & Growth Drivers driven by the country's current demand and supply dynamics, India's Wellness industry is poised to grow at a double-digit rate over the next five years, with certain sectors, such as spas and beauty treatments, projected to grow at more than 35-40%.

Entrepreneurs, Insurance Companies, Medical Tourism, Northern Indian states and others are expected to be on a common platform. NRIs, particularly from the region are also being invited for the Conference with B2B meetings on setting up joint ventures/ partnerships/ collaborations in the region.

Being conscious of your deep interest in promoting SPA, Health, Wellness, Beauty and Medical tourism with investment promotion for giving a boost to the Indian economy, I would request for your participation in the Conference.

I am sure that you will find the deliberations useful. The occasion will also help your esteemed organization in promoting its business interest. Please register now for free to book your spot as seats are limited.

Company Name: Spas India
Contact Person: Rajesh Sharma
Email: Send Email
Phone: +91-981-846-8554
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Country: India

Mobile Dine Out Offers Restaurants Affordable Online Ordering Service

JMA Web Technologies announces Mobile Dine Out, an app that offers restaurants an affordable online ordering service built for smartphones and tablets.

JMA Web Technologies announces Mobile Dine Out, an app that offers restaurants an affordable online ordering service built for smartphones and tablets. Many providers charge high activation fees and double dip, taking a 10% commission (based on the order total) from the customer and another 10% from the restaurant.

January 21, 2013 / Waltham, MA. - Mobile Dine Out has monthly fees with no commission or sign-up cost. While competitors offer desktop sites, JMA's software offers a seamless mobile experience because customers use an app instead of a website. With reasonable rates and a better user experience, Mobile Dine Out will change the restaurant industry.

Mobile Dine Out offers restaurants flat monthly fees, which makes the cost of online ordering easy to manage. Administrators can read reports on page views and orders placed through the system. While other providers offer no direct way to update your content, Mobile Dine Out allows restaurant owners to easily update their menus online using their mobile device. These updates instantly appear on all smartphones and tablets, which is ideal for the specials menu. Not only can the owner quickly change their menu, but they can add photos and nutrition facts to their offerings.

Mobile Dine Out offers many benefits for restaurants, but also several for consumers. The software is integrated with Google Maps offering turn by turn directions. Using push notifications, restaurants can notify consumers about upcoming events and special offers. Because Mobile Dine Out holds no credit card information or takes payments directly, it's the safest way to order food online.

"Mobile Dine Out offers a superior online ordering experience than its competitors, since it uses an app instead of a website. Using a mobile device, ordering food through a website could take several minutes and most sites are built only for desktop computers. Web site content travels to and from another computer, called a server, and those clicks travel hundreds of miles before the computer responds with more content," says Joseph Anderson, creator of Mobile Dine Out. "Using the latest web technologies, Mobile Dine Out holds restaurant information on the phone and eliminates 75% of communication with the servers.

Mobile Dine Out is compatible with 90% of smartphones and tablets. The user interface, for each OS, is identical on tablets and phones and it expands or contract, based on the size of the mobile device. As phone and tablet manufacturers create different size screens, Mobile Dine Out will be optimized to fit them. "Mobile Dine Out was created to order food from smartphones and tablets, while competitors retrofit their websites to work on mobile phones," said Joseph Anderson.

For online demos, download links and FAQs, please visit Mobile Dine Out's website at

About JMA Web Technologies

Founded in 2010, JMA Web Technologies creates custom e-commerce solutions. JMA's commercial offerings include Accounting, payment, shipping, and Sales Tax automation software. For more information, please visit

Company Name: JMA Web Technologies
Contact Person: Joseph Anderson
Email: Send Email
Phone: (781) 330-0737
City: Waltham
State: MA
Country: United States

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