Thursday, July 31, 2014

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A recent study conducted by Clubgowi, a company specialized in analyzing sporting events and providing betting advice, shows that 60% of regular football (soccer) bettors still place their bets exclusively on traditional 1X2 betting markets, instead of using the far more consumer friendly asian handicap markets, where low profit margins strongly favor the better.

This is akin to sending urgent messages via the postal service, instead of using text or email, just because something has traditionally been done a certain way, it doesn’t make it the most viable, or cost effective/profitable method.

There are greater profit margins built into the 1X2 markets, the difference can often be as much as 10%, and these massive “taxes” on your winnings will impact upon your returns and boost bookmakers profits. Of course, there has to be a potential profit for the oddsmaker, otherwise they would not exist, but the asian mindset is to try and attract as much money as possible and to do so they keep margins low and limits high. Mainstream traditional bookmakers are no longer bookmakers at all, they are accountants with a first duty to shareholders and prefer to spend money on aggressive marketing to retain a market share, rather than to give something back to clients.

There are many things to consider when analyzing a sporting event, form, motivation, team news, toughness of schedule, tactics etc, but above all you have to be getting good value and as a “minimum”, always ensure you are betting at the best available odds , which in football terms, means betting asian handicap lines.

Clubgowi is a company providing expert and detailed professional football betting tips on a daily basis, covering football, golf, tennis and NFL, clients range from small investors to full time professionals. In 2013 Clubgowi registered a profit of 260.5 units from 1317 selections, representing a return of investment (ROI) of 15.26%.

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