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Historic Marilyn Monroe ''Red Velvet'' Photographic Color Separations Put Up for Sale

Las Vegas, Nevada (Sharewellnewswire) July 26, 2012 – A Las Vegas art collector and owner of the original, one-of-a-kind color separations used to produce the iconic "Golden Dreams" calendars from the famous 1949 Marilyn Monroe "Red Velvet" photo shoot, is offering them for sale. These color separations were originally created and owned by the John Baumgarth Company and were discovered as part of a corporate art collection in 2010. The collection is in pristine condition and archivally preserved and presented.

The most glamorous icon of the 20th Century was captured for all time in a moment of youthful, exuberant sensuality – an unforgettable image that, more than 60 years later, communicates freshness. To reproduce the refined features, supple texture and luxurious tones that were so totally Marilyn, print artisans painstakingly created and corrected the many layers of film needed for the full color printing process to make the original Chromalin color proof – a masterpiece of printer's art.


The Kodachrome photograph and twenty-one large format color separations (16" x 33") offered for sale were used by Baumgarth to create the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe featured in the first "Golden Dreams" calendar produced in 1951, before the identity of the blonde bombshell posing for the photos was known (the model wasn't identified as Marilyn until 1952), and which went on to sell over eight million copies worldwide, making Marilyn the best-selling calendar

girl of all time. 



The collection also includes the "Lure of Lace" and "Entrancing" images that featured Marilyn wearing negligees in order to comply with U.S. postal regulations banning the transport of nude images.


The Kodachrome photograph is framed and the color separations are mounted and protected in OP3 museum-quality acrylic frames so that they may be appreciated, when artfully suspended, from both sides. These are the original separations used to produce the large format calendars and the only known surviving examples, which are documented to have changed hands through a series of corporate acquisitions spanning several decades.


When Marilyn showed up to do the calendar shoot at Tom Kelley's studio on Friday, May 27, 1949, her need was dire and immediate; her contracts with 20th Century Fox and Columbia had not been renewed and she was out of work.  The photo shoot was commissioned by Baumgarth, who paid Kelley $500 for the publication rights.


It has been reported that Marilyn received $50, which was exactly what she needed to get back her car that had been impounded. Marilyn only agreed to do the shoot if Kelley's wife Natalie was present.

Only two of the 24 images taken during the shoot, entitled by Baumgarth "A New Wrinkle" and "Golden Dreams," survived and made it to print, with the others mysteriously stolen from Kelley's studio. "A New Wrinkle" graced one Baumgarth calendar, but the picture that captured a nation's imagination was "Golden Dreams."

Neither the photographer nor the 22-year-old blonde actress and model could have realized what an historic moment they were creating. In her contract with Kelley, the starlet signed under the pseudonym Mona Monroe (right). When her movie studio, 20th Century-Fox, first learned that the nude pinup hanging in gas stations from coast to coast was none other than its rising star, it was something of a scandal. The press assailed her with questions. Was it true she had posed with "nothing on"?


The studio's initial reaction was to deny everything.  Studios such as 20th Century-Fox had stringent moral clauses in their contracts that were designed to intimidate actors and actresses. No celebrity had ever posed nude and then had the pictures distributed to a startled nation. Biographers agree that Marilyn was instrumental in persuading the studio that their natural inclination to deny the whole thing was the wrong way to go. Instead, Marilyn used an upcoming interview with Aline Mosby, a reporter with United Press International, to break the story on March 13, 1952:


"A photograph of a beautiful nude blonde on a 1952 calendar is hanging in garages and barbershops all over the nation today.  Marilyn Monroe admitted today that the beauty is she. She posed, stretched out on rumpled red velvet for the artistic photo 3 years ago because "I was broke and needed the money. Oh, the calendar's hanging in garages all over town," said Marilyn.  "Why deny it? You can get one any place.  Besides, I'm not ashamed of it.  I've done nothing wrong."


The story ended up being picked up by every wire service and circulated around the world. The reaction was swift and immediate national forgiveness. Not only that, but the sensation of the pictures, her interview and all of the related controversy made Marilyn an even bigger star.

In December 1953, an astute young publisher named Hugh Hefner bought the rights from Baumgarth to reproduce the "Golden Dreams" image as the first "Sweetheart of the Month," in the now historic inaugural issue of Playboy magazine. The success of that first issue enabled Hefner to continue producing the magazine and ultimately build his Playboy Empire.

In addition to the Red Velvet Collection, many of the original paintings in the Messenger Art Collection are being offered for sale. Visit the website and click on Masterpieces for Sale.

Contact Info:
Sue Roderick
(855) 844-2787 Toll free (855) 844-2787 X 3

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Beverly Hills CPA Firm Launches Website Providing Free Consultation for CPA and Tax Resolution Services

Beverly Hills, CA (Sharewellnewswire) July 27, 2012 - Jaswant S Gill CPA, PC is an accredited business with the Bettter Business Bureau and leading provider of tax/IRS problem resolution, accounting, tax planning, tax preparation, and QuickBooks consulting services for businesses and individuals.  We are a full service CPA firm dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to small businesses and individuals. The firm is committed to helping their clients keep more of what they make by providing reliable and timely accounting, tax, and business consulting services. The selection of an accounting firm is a very important and personal decision. At Jaswant S Gill CPA, PC, the dedicated staff and partners provide the personal service and attention that businesses and individuals deserve from a CPA.

The firm provides a full range of services; including but not limited to: accounting and bookkeeping, tax preparation and tax planning, incorporation and formation assistance, business plan development and IRS problem resolution services. We also do international tax compliance and planning for expats living abroad as well as foreigners doing business in the US.

As a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, a national, not-for-profit organization of tax professionals representing taxpayers before the IRS, our firm represents taxpayers with any IRS issues they may be dealing with. Jaswant S Gill CPA, PC services clients throughout the U.S. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 310-356-6204 or go to to sign up for a free consultation.

About Us: Jaswant S Gill CPA, PC is a full service, licensed CPA firm located in Beverly Hills, CA and Houston, TX. Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of service to our clients at an affordable rate. We have unique expertise and knowledge in various industries; and as a trusted advisor, we are constantly striving to enhance our client's business goals. Send an email to Jaswant Gill, CPA at or call 310-356-6204

Contact Info:
Jaswant Gill, CPA

Source : Beverly Hills CPA Firm Launches Website Providing Free Consultation for CPA and Tax Resolution Services (Sharewellnewswire)

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New best selling diet book aspires people to jump off the treadmill and into the hot tub!

The sensational best seller diet book urges people to jump off the treadmill, into the hot tub!Bridget Praytor had taken every diet pill and almost worked herself to a gym-bound early grave in order to fit in with society's accepted female 'mold'. Following an epiphany moment in a hot tub, Praytor is proving that mind over matter can quickly turn insecurity into pride.  July 25,2012 -  Bridget Praytor had taken every diet pill and almost worked herself to a gym-bound early grave in order to fit in with society's accepted female 'mold'. Following an epiphany moment in a hot tub, Praytor is proving that mind over matter can quickly turn insecurity into pride.

Like millions of women around the world, Bridget Praytor was lazy, fat and miserable; or so society made her think. With the alluring promises of a perfect body from a supermarket-checkout magazine, to the box of diet pills that would make her ten pounds lighter by Saturday, Praytor knew that the world expected more of her.

Bridget discovered her thought process was the 'magic pill' to great health, beauty and happiness. She now bares all in her new book, 'The Hot Tub Diet'. The book is being received around the world with critical acclaim.

Let's make one thing very clear - it isn't a book geared toward the health industry. The Hot Tub Diet is geared exclusively toward the 'regular' person who is tired of society making them feet overweight and depressed.


 "I was quite literally torturing myself just to be the woman society pressured me to be, even though none of the fads were working" says Praytor, who went as far as running a marathon without training for it and even training three hours a day for an Ironman just to lose weight.

 She continues, "I was then rear-ended by a distracted driver and was summoned to the gym's hot tub during my recovery. While reflecting on my life and my ability to unsuccessfully try every weight-loss shake ever made, I came to realize that the phrase 'mind over matter' was more truthful in its claim than any fad diet ever could be."

 What ensued was quite literally life-changing. By adjusting her mindset about her body, her weight, her goals and the real meaning of 'healthy', Praytor noticed her body starting to change for the better, with the pounds melting away.

 As both Praytor and readers all over the world agree, the book is a vital addition to anyone's life.

 "This book contains knowledge I wish someone would have told me. The Hot Tub Diet is a book for anyone who is tired of diets that don't work, tired of punishing exercises, tired of buying shoes because only accessories "look cute" on you, and tired of feeling bad about yourself--and anyone who is ready to change your mindset, feel confident, and finally have a body you love" she adds.

 "This book is great to keep you motivated. In a light hearted way it helps you see why you have been failing to keeping to your goal of losing weight. The recap in the last few pages would make a great poster. In fact I am going to make one and hang it on my bedroom door" says one reader from the Philippines.

 In all, Praytor hopes her book throws up the answers that profit-driven fads fail to provide.

  "It's about taking time for yourself, getting off the treadmill of life, and really evaluating your thought process and why you do what you do. I want people to realize that their thoughts heavily contribute to their weight and that they should think in a more positive way in order to change their health and the way they look" she concludes.

 The Hot Tub Diet is available now from Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats (click links to purchase).

 For more information, please visit the book's official website at:


Contact Info:

Bridget Praytor


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Esources Reviews Indicate the Trust Traders Have Placed in the Portal

Unlike conventional trading business where entrepreneurs with the advantage of better capital resources control the market, online retailing give small and medium retailers a fair chance at making money. It is just a matter of making the right choices in terms of wholesale suppliers and products. According to business review sites, esources emerges as the clear choice of the online trading community when it comes to choosing a reliable trade directory service.


The Easiest Way to Find Genuine Suppliers


Finding a reliable and trusted supplier is a hugely challenging task given the large scale presence of scammers and dubious elements in the ecommerce market. Esources reviews point out that the portal has the largest database of meticulously researched and verified wholesalers and dropshippers on the internet. The fact that every single supplier listed here, is verified, means that small and medium retailers have instant access to a list of the best trade suppliers. They need not waste their precious time and resources doing their own research.


Another advantage that small retailers enjoy on the portal according to esources review articles is that the subscription fees are low and flexible. You can use the monthly, six month or annual subscription depending on the size and requirement of your online retailing business. Even trade buyers are offered a monthly subscription facility. Unlike other directory services, esources does not bind you down to long term contracts. They allow you to choose and pick your subscriptions, depending on the specific needs of your business.


Esources has a colossal products directory too, where more than 244,000 products of premium quality are listed under 26 main categories and many sub-categories. You can find the product you wish to sell, on your retail store easily because despite the huge size of the directory, information is structured in an easy-to-browse format. You can choose products from UK wholesale suppliers as well as international suppliers.


Find Out Everything about Auctions and Clearance Sales


According to numerous trade reviews, online retailers registered with the esources can also access hundreds of auction houses and get detailed information about the latest clearance auctions. They can get to know about upcoming trade fairs and exhibitions and make the first move to strike profitable deals. The portal also has interesting and highly informative trade articles which retailers can read to understand the UK ecommerce markets better.

A Family Legacy of Lawyers in Hillsville, Virginia

Hillsville, Virginia( July 24, 2012  - Jay Tompkins of the Tompkins Law Office in downtown Hillsville, Virginia, is continuing a family legacy of five generations of lawyers and judges in Carroll County that reaches back to the 19th century. Tompkins Law Office sits across from the historic Carroll County courthouse. 

Tompkins provides results driven legal services for clients facing custody disputes, personal injury claims,criminal charges, and traffic tickets of all kinds (speeding tickets, reckless driving, and more.)

Tompkins attended college at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA and earned an undergraduate degree in political science. He then attended the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan where he earned a law degree. 
Tompkins was accepted into the Virginia State Bar in 2001 and has since provided his legal services as an attorney to clients from all over Southwest Virginia (Carroll, Wythe, Pulaski, Floyd, Patrick, and Grayson Counties in particular) and North Carolina (which borders Carroll County.)

Contact Info:
Jay Tompkins
(1) (877) 747-0

Source Link :  A Family Legacy of Lawyers in Hillsville, Virginia

Short Sale San Diego Realty Explains the Latest Benefits of Buying a Short Sale

San Diego,CA ( July 24,2012  -  For all of you who have shopped around for a house, the term short sale or pre-foreclosure are not new. However, you might not have a complete understanding of what these terms mean. Both terms have the same meaning: the seller is trying to avoid foreclosure and is attempting to negotiate a deal with the lender in hopes for not ruining the seller's credit report completely.

Though the seller and lender both have a few benefits of short selling, the benefits to the buyer are also not less.  Mostly people speculate that a short sale property is never a good buy. Many people concentrate on these speculations and forget that if the drawbacks are kept on a side, buying a short sale has many advantages for the buyer.

The most important benefit of a short sale is that the buyer will be offered a price that is lower than the original value of the property. Why? Because the lender and the seller are both looking forward to avoiding foreclosure and the costs that come with it. Also, lenders end up paying for any repair and maintenance work that the property needs when it is on the market. To avoid these costs, lenders usually accept to sell the house at a much lower price without spending any money on the repair and maintenance. If the buyer is willing to spend a little extra money on the repair and maintenance of the property, then a short sale is a great buy.
Banks are the usual lenders involved in different property matters. The bank will try to salvage as much of the loan payments as it can. A foreclosure not only costs that bank a lawsuit but also adds cost like repair and maintenance of the property and removes the chance of getting any of the money that was initially loaned. Another great worry for the bank is that even after a foreclosure, there is no guarantee that the property would sell. To avoid further costs, the bank may offer the short sale buyer different lucrative options like low interest rates, longer mortgage period or any other such offers that will help the bank avoid further costs and sell the property.
Another reason why a short sale is better is that the seller does not switch on a destructive mode on the property. The seller also realizes that a short sale is much better and that once their financial conditions get better they have a chance of returning to their old home or buy a new property within a shorter time period. This helps the buyer achieve a property with usually no major maintenance and also move into the house more quickly.
This article was written by Bradford Damm, the CEO and Owner of Short Sale San Diego Realty. If you are interested in buying or selling a short sale in the San Diego County area you can find more information on www.shortsalesandiego.comYou can Search All San Diego Homes for Sale including Short Sales and Foreclosures. There are also some predetermined search fields for price range and fields such as Luxury Homes, Fixer Uppers and more on the right side of the page.

Contact Info:
Bradford Damm
Short Sale San Diego
4485 Kansas Street
San Diego, CA 92116

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Healthy Coffee (R) Participates in International Festival in Sundsvall, Sweden

Yorba Linda, CA ( July 24, 2012 - Healthy Coffee International, Inc. (OTC: HCEI.PK) announced that it participated in the International Thai Festival in Sundsvall, Sweden on July 19 – 22, 2012. 

Founding member Michael Lundgren said: "Healthy Coffee (R) is the sole supplier of coffee for this event, and visitors from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are estimated to be 15,000 to 20,000 during a four day period. The Thai Festival is considered the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. Healthy Coffee (R) Stockholm will offer visitors a chance to taste and purchase our products".
Bengt Ek, Founding member and event coordinator added: "Our team is ready to handle all product inquiries, and we explain to them the unique business opportunity available with Healthy Coffee (R)".
Pontus Nilsson, Country Manager of Healthy Coffee Nordics stated: "Sundsvall is a city with a population of about 100,000 people and is even dubbed the capital of Norrland. It can become a focal point for Healthy Coffee (R) in the north where it is more open to business opportunities".
Rick Aguiluz, architect of the Healthy Coffee (R) concept and the FRM Business Model (R) and CEO of Healthy Coffee International said: "We are excited with the tremendous response to this trade fair, and we expect to follow thru with opening more cities in the Nordics region. We will continue to participate in more trade and business opportunity shows to promote the Healthy Coffee (R) brand and the FRM Business Model (TM) around the world".
HEALTHY COFFEE INTERNATIONAL, INC. (OTC: HCEI.PK, website: ), category creator of Healthy Coffee, is focused on bringing health to the world's largest and most popular drink, coffee. The company's proprietary formulas combine the health benefits of Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom, and other top quality ingredients with the world's finest coffee beans to create a line of deliciously healthy instant gourmet coffee drinks.
Healthy Coffee (R) is the first company to successfully merge the traditional retail business with direct sales, and is revolutionizing the direct sales industry. Healthy Coffee (R) is the first to market the exclusive Healthy Coffee (R) automatic vending machines to mom and pop stores and businesses as well as the big retail chain stores.
Healthy Coffee's products are sold exclusively through its marketing subsidiary, Healthy Coffee USA, Inc., ( which uses a simple and unique Internet-driven international business model that allows the average person to own and operate a local, national, or international coffee distribution or coffee house business with very little capital investment or overhead. Healthy Coffee (R) is well positioned in the market place at the intersection of three mega-billion dollar industries: coffee, wellness and energy drinks, and has quickly moved into international markets by establishing offices in 22 countries, and distributors in 30 other countries.
For more information, visit :
To subscribe to the Healthy Coffee (R) mailing list: 
Outstanding: 124.204 Mill.
Float: 71.816 Mill.
Safe Harbor Statement: This release contains forward-looking statements with respect to the results of operations and business of Healthy Coffee International, Inc., which involves risks and uncertainties. The Company's actual future results could materially differ from those discussed.  The Company intends that such statements about the Company's future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other forward looking statements be subject to the "Safe Harbors" provision of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Contact Info : 
Information & Sales Inquiries
Healthy Coffee (R)
Tel:  714-620-1100
Corporate Finance & Investor Relations :
Wakabayashi Fund, LLC
Tel:  (914) 613-3002

Contact Info:
Rick Aguiluz
Skype: rickaguiluz
Healthy Coffee USA, Inc.
22765 Savi Ranch Parkway Suite C
Yorba Linda, CA 92887

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Viking Investments Group, Inc. Affirms Name Change from SinoCubate, Inc. Viking’s new ticker symbol is VKIN

New York City,  NY ( July 24, 2012  -  Viking Investments Group, Inc. VKIN, ("VIKING" and/or the "Company") is pleased to announce changes to the Company's name, trading symbol, and business description. 

The Company has received approval from FINRA to change its name from SinoCubate, Inc. to Viking Investments Group, Inc. effective July 16, 2012.  There will be no change of control, or changes in senior management as a result of the name change.


The newly named Viking Investment Group, Inc. will trade under the ticker symbol VKIN, effective immediately. 


"The name Viking Investments Group, Inc. better depicts our revised focus on investing and maturing U.S.companies to be localized in emerging markets", states Tom Simeo, Chairman and CEO.  "It may take a day or two for the financial institutions and various social networks to properly adjust the name change but we believe moving forward more investors will begin to follow VKIN once they learn of our story", continued Simeo.


In addition to the corporate actions, Viking Investments Group, Inc. is also pleased to announce that it is commencing due diligence on several projects it has been in discussions with in the United States.  


"VKIN has isolated several companies in the United States that fit our business model criteria.  We will be in the US conducting further due diligence and will report our results accordingly", continued Mr. Simeo. 


Expect VKIN to be more liberal about updating the investment community.  VKIN management believes it is important for its shareholders to be informed and involved. 



To learn more about the Company and its latest news, visit Viking Investments Group, Inc.



Viking Investment Group, Inc., a U. S. publicly traded company, ticker VKIN, is a global financial advisory and investment firm, focused on investing in mid-stage American High-Tech companies with established technologies and revenue models that could feasibly be localized into emerging markets with Western management, such as China and India, the two most populous countries in the world, to be built to the point of maturity and expansion, guiding them in the process of becoming strong and mature companies.


Investor Relations Contact :

Phone:  (347) 329 2954 


Safe Harbor Statement 

This press release contains certain statements that may include forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements are based upon management's beliefs, assumptions and expectations of the Company's future operations and financial performance, currently available to management, that may cause actual results different from the expectations of future results. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. You are cautioned not to unduly rely on such forward-looking statements when evaluating the information presented herein. 


SOURCE : Viking Investments Group, Inc

Copyright (C) 2012 Viking Investments.  All rights reserved 

 Contact Info:
+1 (347) 329 29
Viking Investments Group
65 Broadway, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10006 United States


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New Blogger Offers a Fresh New Twist to from the Classic ‘Mommy Blog’ Format

Atlanta, GA ( July 24, 2012 -  "Mommy Blogger? Not me!" says Atlanta based Kesha Phillips, writer and editor of parenting and lifestyle guide "I'd like to think that We Got Kidz is a bit of a departure from the "flowers and butterflies", "bubbles and bows" format that mommy blogs have come to be known for. Sure we have loads of great parenting advice, and sure we talk about crafts; but We Got Kidz is more than that. We're here to bring a little bit of edginess and levity to our reader's lives as well."

In this age of social media, We Got Kidz opens the lines of communication for moms and dads alike offering up a refreshingly laid back approach to parenting to a "new generation" of parents. Kesha states, "I hope that We Got Kidz can be a bit of an exodus for moms and dads at the end of a long day. They can grab a cocktail, stop by, and get a dose of parenting advice, entertainment news, hilarious videos, and the best viral junk found around the web. It's a media smorgasbord for parents who want the best and most informative information on parenting and family life, but who also want to be entertained as well."

Since their launch in July of 2011 has grown by leaps and bounds and boasts a community full of parents who delight in what We Got Kidz has to offer. "It's so rare that I read a blog and immediately think, 'I want to be friends with this person'", says Kendra of

 "Your site is for parents who still want to remain 'cool' and in touch with what's going on", says another loyal reader. These are true testaments to what We Got Kidz is all about.

Already in syndication on sites like Ehow and, is truly becoming an authority in the parenting blog" niche.

Contact Info :

Kesha Phillips
Atlanta, GA

Source Link : New Blogger Offers a Fresh New Twist to from the Classic 'Mommy Blog' Format

Gordon “Grant” Curtis Selected to Head the Risk Panel at Family Office Conference

Newport, Rhode Island ( July 23, 2012  -  Gordon "Grant" Curtis, Executive Director for CI Investments, a Single Family Office headquartered in Switzerland, is the chosen moderator for a panel of financial experts presenting to the ultra-wealthy.  Counterparts to the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell and many more noted entrepreneurs will be in attendance.  Each panelist will get a chance to share their insights and opinions about investment risk & relative analysis.

Having anchored, keynoted or presented at many high level financial engagements, such as the annual Opal Group conference in Newport, Rhode Island, Mr. Curtis is no stranger to the topic of risk.  As further demonstrated by the stellar performance for the SFO under his direction; volatility mitigation and a formidable track record have put him consistently at the top of the pack.  Under his leadership since the mid 2000's, the CI Family Office remains one of the most consistent, top performing family offices in its class.

So what will the topic of "risk" reveal at this conference?  "Although I am not a panelist at this event, I obviously have opinions about risk.  Elements of risk are inherent in everything that we do, especially for the investments that we make, and it is up to each to decide what their tolerance and or quantification via proper analysis of risk is for them" stated Mr. Curtis.

The esteem panelists; Tate Haymond from PerTrac Analytics, Tony Brenner from Pivot Point Capital, Benn Dunn from Alpha Theory, and Carol Pepper of Pepper International, will each get a chance as panelists to make their points relative to how they interpret and implement relevant strategies with respect to risk.

According to Mr. Curtis, the audience, now estimated at over 500 Family Office attendees, will get to interact with these expert panelists through an open format discussion on the topic.  Unlike other presentations, the dynamic aspects of what really defines risk and how it affects everyone will be examined in detail. 

At a time when there appears to be much uncertainty in the market place, and even less confidence in the political or economic climate, this is a most relevant subject.  Mr. Curtis has often commented on the conservative nature of family offices.  He supports the true understanding of how risk increases as the number of market participants continues to grow.  Coupled with global aspects of currency fluctuation, and other rivaling emerging economies can add to potential volatility that had never been seen prior to the turbulence in 2008-2009.


For More Information Contact :
Jay Tipton


Source Link : Gordon "Grant" Curtis Selected to Head the Risk Panel at Family Office Conference ( )


Meet Wedding Vendors and Photographers at the Expo Bridal Event at L.A. Convention Center on July 28 & 29, 2012

Yorba Linda, Ca ( July 20, 2012  - Bridal shows are always fun and give you great opportunity to meet many of the wedding venders in your area. You will get to speak directly to the wedding professionals from just about every area of wedding expertise you can think of; DJs, florist, wedding cakes and Orange County wedding photographers. You will also be able to sample the food from some of the venues in Orange County. There is almost always a bridal gown fashion show, with music and prizes; you don't want to miss it!

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring a friend, maybe your maid of honor, fiancé or Mom & Dad. The shows typically provide a large bag to carry all your information you will collect from the vendors, including a free copy of Orange County Bride magazine. Bring labels with your name, address and email or if you've signed up with the Bridal Show ahead of time, the bridal event producers will usually provide you with labels. Enjoy the bridal shows in Southern California and congratulations on your engagement!

The next Expo Bridal Event 

July 28 & 29, 2012
L.A. Convention Center
Brideworld Expo
1200 L.A. Live Way
Los Angeles, California

 Contact Info :
Natalie Chenier
Natalie Lynn Photos 

Source LinkMeet Wedding Vendors and Photographers at the Expo Bridal Event at L.A. Convention Center on July 28 & 29, 2012 ( )

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ICANotes Releases New Features for Inpatient Mental Health Records

Top mental health EMR provider releases enhanced functionality to streamline workflow for psychiatric hospitals and other inpatient behavioral health facilities
ANNAPOLIS, MD ( – July 20, 2012 )  – ICANotes, LLC, the leader in online behavioral health records, today announced program enhancements developed specifically for hospitals and other inpatient mental health facilities. These enhancements consist of:
ê   Clinician Reminder Sheet – A new report functions as a clinician dashboard to documents due or overdue as well as documents which are incomplete or lack electronic signatures. The length of time a clinician has to complete required notes may be set by each individual facility.
ê   Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) – The eMAR provides a complete electronic workflow to enhance nursing efficiency while ensuring medication charting accuracy and safe medication management.
ê   Clinician’s Orders – This area has been expanded to include all types of orders utilized by inpatient settings, including a variety of detox protocols, activity and restriction orders, and dietary orders. Nurses are notified when a new order has been entered.
ê   Verbal Orders – Nurses may enter verbal orders and alert the physician to sign them electronically. The order sheet documents who gave the verbal order, who entered it, and who signed it.
ê   Initial Evaluations - Complete Assessments can be set up so that the portions of the evaluation that are to be completed by each separate discipline are highlighted. Each facility has the option to designate which parts of the Initial Examination their clinicians must complete. This lets ICANotes help facilities meet documentation needs unique to their specific inpatient practice and to comply with documentation requirements mandated by their surveyors or state laws.
ê   Treatment Plans - Clinical reminders can be set up to remind a clinician when a patient’s next Treatment Plan is due. Multiple clinicians can add information to the patient’s Treatment Plan, and the complete Comprehensive Treatment Plan may then be compiled and saved as a clinical note and electronically signed by each clinician.
Developed by a psychiatrist, ICANotes was launched in 1998. Since then, ICANotes has continuously evolved its functionality to maximize its usefulness for all behavioral health professionals. Based on a rapid development platform, ICANotes releases program updates every week. The software design is carefully controlled by the company’s founder and clinical director, Richard Morgenstern, MD, a psychiatrist with an in-depth understanding of how clinicians work.  The result is an intuitive EHR that requires only minimal training.

" ICANotes is being rapidly adopted by inpatient behavioral health organizations, and the clinician’s need are at the forefront of every programming decision we make,” stated Dr. Morganstern. “We never assume that we know what is best, we prefer to be guided by our valued interactions with our users. We have worked closely with a number of facilities to design and test these new features which are intended to automate workflow for the inpatient setting.”

About ICANotes

Now in use by over 3000 providers nationwide, ICANotes has documented more than 3 million patient encounters. As the most feature-rich web-based electronic medical records solution for psychiatry and mental health professionals, ICANotes is well known for its unique button-driven charting capability. The program enables clinicians to quickly create thorough, personalized narrative notes in minutes without typing or dictating. ICANotes is clinician-centric and infinitely scalable, reliably meeting the needs of solo and group practices, hospitals, and large agencies for more than 13 years. For more information on ICANotes, visit
Press Contact – Sandy Crowley
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 443-569-6018

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