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Enjoy Top Quality Professional Resume Writing Service at Discounted Prices

Leading professional resume writing service announces a discount on select packages for a limited period.

With their proven excellence in resume writing and an outstanding track record, Click2Resume has emerged as the undisputed numero uno in the resume writing services industry. Now this professional resume writing service gives you more reasons to subscribe to their packages with a recently announced 15 percent discount on their Bundle Pack.

Clients can benefit from their professional resume written by expert craftsmen, befitting their requirements in preferred job avenues in India and the Middle East. The career document highlights your past achievements and credentials appropriately to force recruiters to take notice of you ahead of others.

Click2Resume employs a classic writing style which helps candidates get the attention of recruiters and employers. Resumes are structured to send a strong message that you are the best talent that can fit seamlessly in the employer's present work environment.

According to a Click2Resume representative, they are committed to provide exceptional resume and cover letter writing. "We wish to become the first online solution for resume writing & distribution. We are motivated by excellence, which demands we define a path of perpetual improvement. It also requires us to embrace change so our clients are always in the right place when new opportunities open up." Commenting on their methodology, he says, "Our methodology is capturing and delivering superior industry expertise and servicing our customers as a team. This model, coupled with our industry-leading resume distribution engine, sets us apart from our competitors."

The Resume Builder from Click2Resume is a simple and useful interactive device for candidates who don't have a resume or want to improve their existing one. The device allows you to choose from a range of existing templates to build a resume based on the industry you belong to. The process is one of the easiest methods to build a resume and can help you get the job you always wanted.

Resume writing services from Click2Resume includes the Insta Resume Blueprint service for jobs in India, Gulf and International destinations. The service trains the spotlight on your personal attributes such as creativity, pioneering as well as dexterity. You can benefit from access to a wider network of employers and a swifter job search process.

The Perfect Combo is another winner from Click2Resume. You can get a resume drafted to suit your specific credentials and to give you a definite advantage in the job search process. You will get job alerts through emails whenever new jobs are posted in the categories you have subscribed to.

Click2Resume, the career experts firmly believe that sending a resume with a cover letter vastly improves your chances of getting that interview call. A cover letter does not merely introduce your resume but forces the employer to look at it. It is a great tool to communicate to the intended employers how you are the best candidate for the job. This professional resume writing service has also announced a hefty discount on the Bundle Pack.

Resume writing services from Click2Resume are in demand because they are focused on the career success of their clients.

To know more about the best professional resume writing service and their various packages, visit

Company Name: Click2Resume Services Private Limited
Contact Person: Amit Pathria
Email: Send Email
Phone: 91-120-3816666
Address: D-101
City: Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Country: India

Lowest Air Fare India Announced by Top Travel Solution Provider Finds Many Buyers

Leading Indian travel solution provider announces lowest air fare India and a host of other travel-friendly features.

With the holiday season in India fast approaching, families are busy putting finishing touches to their travel plans and taking a closer look at the various travel options available to top destinations at the most competitive prices. Overall Travel, the leading online travel solution provider, has some good news for all those looking to fly out to their favorite destinations.

Overall Travel promises one of the lowest air fare India with their best selling holiday packages to domestic locations. The portal also offers comprehensive and bespoke information for planning your travel including reliable information about price estimate, availability, and reservation facility for India as well as for international travel. You can get updated information about air travel, train reservation, hotel reservation, and rental transportation for booking private buses and cars.

Overall Travel has emerged as one the best online travel portals to get comprehensive information about top travel sites India. The portal serves as an information resource for corporate and individual clients. Their best holiday packages are designed to enhance your travel and staying experience. It is positioned as a brand that has 'Happiness' of their clients as the topmost priority.

Overall Travel has established liaisons with some of the top hotels across the globe which helps them offer some of the best deals to their clients in terms of convenience, pricing, and security. They have travel packages and services for those who travel for business, social, or pleasure causes for both domestic and international destinations.

Customized holiday package is clearly the main USP of Overall Travel. It comes with lot of fun and adventure elements woven into it. You are guaranteed the comforts of a home away from home when you choose Overall Travel's exclusively personalized travel services and products.

Clients come back to them whenever they plan to travel because they offer one of the easiest processes of booking for holidays. Their services are supported ably by an outstanding customer support staff. Even the refund processes are customer friendly. Clients prefer the company's completely customized services which add a lot of convenience to their travel plans.

Overall Travel offers holiday packages based on themes such as adventure, honeymoon, beach, sand, hills, healthcare, spiritual tours, and monsoon special. There is a package called Incredible India too which covers some of the most exotic Indian travel destinations at prices that fit right in your budget.

Overall Travel also has well designed travel services for corporate get-togethers, exhibitions & conferences, corporate off-sites as well as incentives for both domestic and International destinations. Group travel with the easiest terms and most competitive prices are available for various destinations.

About Overall Travel:

Overall Travel is located in Noida, India, and is one of the fastest growing online travel solutions providers in India. You can get lowest air fare India for the domestic destination of your choice and a range of travel products and solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

For more information about the lowest air fare India from Overall Travel and their other services, visit

Company Name: Overall Travel Services Private Limited
Contact Person: Amit Pathria
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1860 500 2211
Address: D-101
City: Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Country: India

Advanced Career Platform Announced New Features for Finding W2 Jobs Quickly

Top career platform helps candidates find W2 jobs of their choice and matching their skill sets, quickly.

Finding the right job that matches your profile and qualifications can be a daunting task in the current economic situation where decent vacancies have almost dried up. Advanced career platforms can make the task of finding jobs easier for candidates looking for work opportunities that match their skills and specialization. is an end to end career platform which has features that help candidates and recruiters find better ways to achieve their employment objectives by managing their job related interactions better. This is done by what is known as a virtual strings concept, an innovative feature which is useful for candidates and recruiters in achieving their job search and recruiting needs.

SkillStings.Com has emerged as a unique career tool which can be viewed as a synergistic combination of the new age social media interactivity and the conventional job boards. The site boasts of some great features such as interview room, advanced recruitment tools and resources and video profile. These tools are designed to infuse a greater degree of efficiency and increased productivity across the board in the hiring process.

The Strings tab offers three options for both candidates and recruiters. One is called the Current which is a list of recruiters and candidates who network with each other and remain connected for exchanging information about job searches and job openings. This is done through Strings Chat, Strings Feed and Broadcast Messages. Employers and recruiters can also schedule online video interviews.

The second option is Find which helps in finding active recruiters and candidates of a skill within a selected industry. Users can also select the right match based on star ratings. Flag is the third option which is a shortlist of candidates not in the Current String yet. They can be reviewed for future recruiting and job searches.

One of the unique features available on SkillStrings.Com is the video profile. It is a 90 second video clip of recruiters, employers and candidates. The video profile provides them the platform to present more detailed information which cannot be included in a regular, static resume. The video can be used by the concerned parties to get a better understanding of each other and can influence the final decision-making process.

SkillStrings.Com has another unique recruitment tool called the Interview Room. The portal is the first and the only one to offer online video interviews which can be scheduled by recruiters and candidates by mutual consent. This feature is quite unlike Skype or other online video tools. Here, an interviewer can interview and view the resume of the candidate on the same page for better eye contact and greater convenience. Recruiters and hiring managers can also send an invite to their clients and team members to join in the interview through a videoconference.

SkillStrings.Com helps candidates find the jobs they are looking for as they are able to connect with recruiters and employers seeking their skills. Candidates looking for W2 jobs can keep their job search focused and targeted on such jobs and find more job listings that match their skills and profile. Another big advantage is that candidates can get a real response for every job they apply for and avoid the nerve-wrecking suspense over the fate of their application. They can also keep recruiters and hiring managers in their network, updated about any changes in their job profile and status.

Candidates can keep their W2 jobs search more organized by using the online calendar to view upcoming appointments. Recruiters too, can benefit by using the SkillStrings platform to connect with a targeted group of candidates with skill sets needed for the job openings.

To know more about this career platform and to learn how to use it for networking and job related interactions, visit

Company Name: SkillStrings
Contact Person: Steven Laino
Email: Send Email
Phone: 248-910-0809
Address: 100 Canal Pointe Blvd, Suite 108

City: Princeton
State: New Jersey
Country: United States

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Queries like, ‘Where I Can Find a Job’ is Effectively Addressed by an Advanced Job Platform

Queries like, 'Where I can find a job', can be addressed effectively by a career platform designed for networking and job related interaction.

The U.S. Payroll to Population employment rate (P2P) deteriorated steadily in early January on a 30-day rolling average for the 30 days ending Jan. 3, the first reading for 2013. It clearly shows that companies are being very selective in hiring. Candidates are asking, 'Where I can find a job' because the job situation does not seem to get any better.

However, even in this uncertain recruiting environment, there is good news for candidates and recruiters. SkillStrings.Com is a unique career tool that promises to help professionals manage their job interactions better and make the best of the limited opportunities available in the job marketplace today.

The portal helps professionals find the best jobs available in their industry through what is being described as a virtual strings concept. It is a fine union of the modern day social media activity and the traditional job boards. There are some unique and highly useful features such as video profile, interview room and recruitment tools available for recruiters and employers. They are designed to make the hiring process easy for both the players concerned and guarantee a more efficient recruitment cycle along with improved productivity in all stages of the process.

It is easy to register and get started on SkillStrings.Com. The dashboard is the main view available to every user. It includes a calendar for scheduling and storing information about interviews, a space to enter and post updates to the user's network and recent account activity related to the strings or connections of the user. The Strings Feed on the dashboard is a news feed that shows updates from people in the user's network.

SkillStrings.Com benefits candidates, recruiters and employers in large measures. Candidates find it easy to connect with recruiters and employers seeking people with their skills. It helps them in keeping their job search focused on job listings that match their profile. The portal gives them an opportunity to differentiate themselves from others with a 90 second video. The video helps recruiters and employers judge their potential employees from close quarters and make the right choice.

SkillStrings.Com platform offers candidates the opportunity to interact with recruiters and hiring managers through email, online chats and video interviews. They can view interview appointments and use the online calendar to stay organized.

Recruiters use the SkillStrings platform to connect with skilled candidates that match the requirement of the job profile on offer. The platform offers easy scheduling of interactions for screening candidates. The interactive video facility can be used to accelerate the qualification process and screen the candidates faster. For employers, SkillStrings.Com acts as a one-stop platform to manage all their hiring activities and communicate with all members of the recruiting team. The portal allows them to remove redundancy and inefficiencies in the hiring process.

According to a SkillStrings.Com spokesperson, the jobsite is different from other career portals because of its ability to build a network that is completely based on skills that you specify. "The connections made as a result, are STRINGS with real potential to be leveraged in a hiring scenario.  So, in essence, SkillStrings is a career network that really works for you in the talent or job search."

You don't even have to be on SkillStrings when you are looking for candidates or a job. You can use this highly interactive platform to communicate with others through email, chat and video sessions. Candidates asking, 'Where I can find a job', are sure to find the perfect solution and job when they use the SkillStrings platform.

To know more about SkillStrings and the many advantages they offer recruiters, employers and candidates, visit

Company Name: Skill Strings
Contact Person: Steven Laino
Email: Send Email
Phone: 248-910-0809
Address: 100 Canal Pointe Blvd.
Suite 108, Princeton NJ 08540
Country: United States

The Top Physicians Answering Service Offers Doctors a Transparent and Simple Pricing Plan

Flat rate pricing announced by a leading physicians answering service is helping them get more business.

Ambiguous pricing policies are synonymous with most medical answering services. Their plans are complex and incorporate various vague elements to confuse subscribers. That's why medical professionals prefer doing business with an upright, established, and honest physicians answering service like The Doctors Answer.

The Doctors Answer understands that every medical office has its own needs and has to handle the calls of their patients in a unique manner associated with that particular office. That's why their packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients, be it for elementary after-hour call screening or for complicated on-call escalation lists.

Medical offices can choose their services for odd hours, lunch time breaks, daytime, call overflow, or weekends. Their packages are priced as low as $29.99 per month. The plans are easy to understand and the pricing is transparent and does not have any hidden charges.

Doctor answering services from The Doctors Answer provide support round the clock on all days of the year. You can enjoy other benefits like the latest available technology in the industry, highly trained calling executives, and free integrated greetings. You can choose to receive messages through email or fax daily, and use their paging services and text messaging services for free.

Unlike other answering services, The Doctors Answer does not believe in binding their clients in long term contracts or sign-ups. Clients don't have to deal with hefty deposits or termination fees. The service can be cancelled any time for any reason and they will help you get back to your old process at no extra cost.

Founder and CEO Benjamin Pure and business partner Alexander Basile realized the need to set up an answering service that focused exclusively on professionals in the medical field. They were aware that the medical community requires call executives who have undergone specialized training.

At The Doctors Answer representatives are made to undergo HIPPA and regular terminology seminars, common sense drills, and etiquette coaching to provide top quality answering service to clients.

Benjamin says, "We have a team of 105 highly-trained representatives who provide services to our clients, 24/7 and 365 days a year. We believe in promoting and training employees from within the company and we make our employees feel free to express their views. Our reward programs and weekly performance reviews make our staff provide an exceptional call experience." The CEO adds, "Our mission statement is to keep our customers, employees and shareholders happy and satisfied. This is accomplished by offering rewards to our hard working executives, exceeding the expectations of our clients, and by remaining fiscally responsible to our shareholders."

The physicians answering service is focusing on getting at least 98 per cent positive feedback from their clients. This is one of their long term goals. They offer their services to those in need and even donate their time and resources to local charities. Local communities are their first priority when it comes to creating respectable jobs with good salaries.

Physicians and medical professionals can benefit in many ways by using the services of The Doctors Answer. They can improve and increase staff productivity, significantly reduce overhead costs, and improve the quality of care they deliver to their patients, besides remaining accessible to them at all times. 

Doctors can benefit personally too since the service helps them maintain a good balance between their personal and professional lives. The staff at the most trusted physicians answering service will handle patient calls as specifically desired by the doctor and only contact the on call physician when it falls within the established criteria.


For more information about the top physicians' answering service and their flat rate pricing, visit

Company Name: The Doctors Answer
Contact Person: Adam James
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-571-8280
Country: United States

The Best Answering Service for Doctors Offers Affordable Pricing Plans

An answering service for doctors that caters exclusively to the medical profession is high on the priority list of medical offices and leading hospitals.

Medical offices, hospitals, and other medical establishments looking for a specialized answering service that serves only the medical community choose Rutherford Answering Service because they accept clients related to only the medical field. They process thousands of medical calls per day with the highest degree of accuracy.

The employees at Rutherford Answering Service undergo rigorous coaching and training programs at frequent intervals to remain current with the latest technology, medical terminology, and HIPAA regulations. When doctors choose Rutherford Answering Service for doctors, they know their patients' confidential data is in safe hands. Rutherford TAS remains committed to protecting patients' health information and for this they perform regular internal audits on their processes and employees to ensure compliance with the HIPAA and HITECH.

The experienced medical answering services provider offers a highly efficient call management process that is designed to meet the needs of a medical office. Doctors can focus on the core areas of their practice and are not disturbed by routine and non-urgent calls that can be easily handled by other staff members. The call answering executive ensures that when a call deserves doctor's attention, it is forwarded as per the instruction and convenience of the doctor.

Rutherford TAS answered its first call for the medical community and still does only medical clients even after 26 long years in the call answering business. They have grown to over 90 fulltime employees and have clients in all 50 states in the U.S.

In the words of the CEO Benjamin Pure, "Growing up, everyone in our family worked in the answering service business. Every one of us has played an important role in the success of our company and we continue to grow today because the commitment to our doctors and our employees remains strong."

Rutherford Answering Service boasts of having the best call agents in business. They have an incentive-based performance program for the best call agents and reward them each month for outstanding service. Another thing that works to their advantage is their simple and straightforward pricing plans. It offers great value and is easy to understand. There are no complicated schemes and no hidden charges.

The trained and experienced call agents offer a friendly and professional voice to answer calls of the medical office when the staff members are not available. You can use their services not only for office hours but also for non-business hours, weekends, or holidays. Patients' queries will always be answered professionally and with the highest degree of confidentiality and security.

At Rutherford, every call is recorded, logged, and monitored. All the employees have a weekly review with the management where random calls are reviewed. This process ensures that patients get an exceptionally good response. The call executives are also required to participate in monthly training sessions where their medical terminology and HIPAA knowledge is updated. They also undergo training for sensitivity and new technical protocols.

Rutherford Answering Service now offers a voicemail system that will help doctors reduce costs without compromising on the quality of patient care. They provide one professionally recorded greeting free of cost to their clients. The instruction on the greeting can be customized or changed at any time without any charge.

Rutherford's answering service for doctors has an internal audit department which reviews all their personnel processes to make sure they adhere strictly to the ever changing HIPAA regulations. They are offering clients a free 30-day trial which you can try without any obligation. If you wish to discontinue, they will help you get back to your old process seamlessly.

For more information about this leading answering service for doctors, visit

Company Name: Rutherford Answering Service
Contact Person: Adam Bell
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-523-9951
Address: 23 Highland Cross

City: Rutherford,
State: NJ, 07070
Country: United States

Fwd: Telephone Answering Services with an Impeccable Record and Service Quality

Doctors with a growing practice looking for telephone answering services can choose one with a proven track record of success.

There are many companies offering telephone answering services in the U.S., but to make the best of it you need a service that delivers the latest features and uses the newest technology in the industry. Clients prefer Cullens Communications to meet their answering service needs due to many reasons.

Cullens Communications is one of the few companies that use the very latest answering service technology. Clients prefer them because their state-of-the-art system allows them to customize each account to meet the specific needs of each medical office. Their advanced telecommunications technology helps in enhancing call quality and functionality to levels not very easily available in the industry.

The leading telephone answering services company has a foolproof system in place to ensure uninterrupted service to their clients during power outages and even in the event of some type of natural disaster. They have invested in powerful battery backups and gas-powered generators to maintain continuous service round the clock. Calls are transferred seamlessly to their offsite sister offices when services are affected due to some natural disaster.

Cullens Communications takes great pride in the fact that they have the best call agents in business. The company makes sure that their call agents care similarly about consumers as the doctors do. The best call agents are handsomely rewarded for their exceptional service every month on the basis of an incentive-based performance program.

The sophisticated telecommunications system used by Cullens Communications to deliver exceptional call quality and functionality saves them money which is passed on to their clients. That's why their rates are among the best in the industry. The simple, hassle-free plans from this trusted physician answering service offer excellent value to their clients.

The answering services from Cullens Communications are designed to help doctors increase the productivity of their office staff across the board and also reduce overheads significantly. Their services are flexible and can be used either as an overflow line during the day, for lunch hours, for afterhours, weekends, or holidays, depending on your needs and convenience.

Cullens Communications answering services is a good way for medical professionals to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life without compromising on the quality of care to their patients. Their staff members are trained to handle all calls from patients according to the specifications agreed. The on-call physician is contacted when it falls within the criteria.

Cullens Communications believes that their hardworking and committed employees are the prime reason for their success. They are one of the best telephone answering services and the preferred choice of the medical profession. The management encourages feedback from bottom up which keeps the call agents motivated. New techniques and methods are sought constantly by the company to deliver improved service and a better call experience to their clients.

Haley Cluett, the general manager, says the company is committed to serve people. "We get tremendous satisfaction from helping patients and our doctors have an excellent answering service experience.  Being a cornerstone to the medical community, we also strive to give back whenever we have the opportunity.  We donate our time and money to charities, provide free answering services to many needy organizations, and strive to provide good-paying non-outsourced jobs to our community."

Their excellence and high quality of service is the reason why they still serve clients who joined them 20 years ago. The leading telephone answering services work with dentists, pediatrics, gynecologists, neurologists, and hospitalists.

For more information about the top telephone answering services and their plans, visit

Company Name: Cullens Communications
Contact Person: Adam Bane
Email: Send Email
Phone: 877 499 1280
Address: 40 Mathews St. Suite 204
Goshen NY 10924
Country: United States

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Milwaukee Jazz Trio Releases Sound Sampler for New Album Illegal Playlist

We put a lot of time, thought and effort into creating the perfect line-up of songs in order to create a flow.

Milwaukee based music group Kevin Hayden Trio gears up for their new album Illegal Playlist by releasing a free sound sampler.

Milwaukee jazz group Kevin Hayden Trio has released the official sound sampler for their new album Illegal Playlist. The sound sampler is available on Soundcloud as a free mp3 download.

After running an 8 month free music campaign via Soundcloud, the trio retreated to World Music Studios on Milwaukee's east side to carve out their 3rd and most radio-unfriendly studio project.

Kevin Hayden comments:

"The response has been great on the sound sampler! We put a lot of time, thought and effort into creating the perfect line-up of songs in order to create a flow. It was a bit challenging due to the cross genre content but, because we have developed such a true sound, it all gelled together seamlessly."

Upcoming shows in March include the 30th Taste of Milwaukee downtown at the Hilton and their Illegal Playlist album release show at the Jazz Estate on Milwaukee's east side.

About Kevin Hayden:

Kevin Hayden is a drummer/producer/composer, born in Fort Wayne, IN. At the early age of 2, he was musically influenced by his father, Tracey, who also played drums. Kevin comes from a long line of family drummers and was brought up in church where he was afforded the opportunity to play for various community choirs. When he was 13, Kevin got noticed at his church by a well known choir director, Chris Ford, which led to his involvement in hundreds of local performances, a live audio recording with the Fort Wayne Youth Ensemble and tours in Georgia and Texas.

In 1994 Kevin continued to grow and mature on the gospel scene but was inadvertently introduced to the music of jazz drummer Will Kennedy (Yellowjackets) which changed his entire approach to drums. A year later, his uncle David Perkins introduced him to the cassette tape "Masterplan" by fusion drummer Dave Weckl. Studying day and night, Kevin was determined to gain these new concepts of jazz and fusion. His combination of gospel, fusion and jazz led to a distinct and unique style which captivated his listeners. In 1998 Kevin entered into the US Marines but his musical journey did not stop. In 1999 while stationed in Camp Lejeune NC, Kevin was fortunate to meet drummer Lamont Sydnor (Christina Milian, Wayne Brady) who was also in the Marines and at that time playing for the Mike Corrado Band. After hearing Kevin's skills, Lamont saw his potential and quickly embraced him as a friend and began to broaden and shape his skills on the drum set.

After completing the Marines in 2002, Kevin moved to his mother's home town of Milwaukee Wisconsin. It wasn't too long before he drew the attention of other great musicians at various jam sessions and auditions. Since then, Kevin has worked with well known Milwaukee acts such as Christopher's Project, De La Buena, Street Life, Growing Nation, the Terry Sims Band, the Evan Christian Quartet, Choir Fight, Isaiah Joshua Group, the Adventures of the Static Chicken, SLM, Ethan Keller and a host of other musicians and singers. In 2007, Kevin enrolled in the music program of Milwaukee Area Technical College where he studied music under one of Milwaukee's premiere jazz drummers Ben Hans.

By 2008 Kevin had released a series of youtube videos which caught the attention of Gospel Chops CEO Gerald Forrest. This connection led to a spot on the 2009 Gospel Chops' bass performance DVD "Bass Sessionzs Vol 1″. Here he had the privilege and honor to work on the same set as drumming legend Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Michael Brecker) and veteran pianist John Beasley (Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard).

Soon after the Gospel Chops recording and through the mentorship and guidance of Gerald, Kevin then recorded and released his debut album "Delegations And Assignments" which featured keyboardist Terry Harris Jr., bassist Damian Erskine (Peter Erskine Trio) and bassist/producer Lance Tolbert (Mariah Carey.) The success of the project then sparked Kevin to fulfill his music career by starting his own jazz fusion band, the "Kevin Hayden Band. This band featured keyboardist Theo Merriweather, bassist Dwayne Williams and saxophonist Tobias Cainion which debuted their live performance at the world famous Jazz Estate in Milwaukee.

In 2010, Kevin released his hit single "Distant" which featured his friends Joel Wade on keys, Christopher Marcellus on bass and Isaiah Joshua on alto sax. He also earned the Kevin Hayden Band a spot at the Milwaukee World Festival "Summerfest" and continued to perform regularly on the area's premier jazz scene to include jazz clubs and festivals.

2011 proved to be a busy year as well with the release of the gospel/fusion performance track "Awaken", which features the music of Phillip Smedley II who also produced Kevin Hayden's "Skyline" on the Delegations And Assignments album. Soon afterwards came the Kevin Hayden Trio and the debut release of the trio's "The Winter Project" which features Evan Paydon on bass and Terry Harris Jr. on keys. Guest appearances include Isaiah Joshua on alto sax and vocalist Camille Hunt.

In early 2012 the trio acquired bassist Alan Harris and released their latest album "Paris". This album features tenor saxophonist Eric Schoor, alto saxophonist Isaiah Joshua, guitarist Darrien Williams and vocalist Camille Hunt. Also included is a very notable guest appearance by narrator Harrison D. Kern. By the middle of the year, Kevin recruited a 4th member to the band, Quintin Gulledge. Quintin adds an experimental and fusion touch to the band which allows them to explore new terrains in music by way of keytar.

Kevin is much of a family man and enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Natalie and precious daughters Kayla and Rylee.

Company Name: True King Entertainment
Contact Person: Lloyd Howard Jr.
Email: Send Email
Phone:  305-815-1807
Country: United States


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Keranique Has Developed Hair Care Products That Address The Problem Of Thinning Hair In Women

Are you aware that the American Association of Dermatology (AAD) stated that "about 80 million men and women in the United States experience hereditary hair loss and over 40% of this group is comprised of women?"

Jersey City, NJ – 24 Feb 2013. Here is some more information quoted from the Vice President of Marketing Development of the Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG),Tammy Yaiser. "Hair thinning in women can be caused by a number of internal changes due to menopause or childbirth; to deficiency in certain vitamins or over styling. No matter what the cause, our Keranique solution is designed to offer everyday women a simple solution and a means to prevent it from happening in the future."

That quote really caught my attention as I started using Keranique over a month ago after noticing while trying to grow my hair, it seemed to be shedding a bit more than usual. The blonde streaks I had on each side were also very dry and breakage was occurring. I needed to address this issue right away!

I now had also become very aware of other women's hair and really started to notice I wasn't alone with my hair dilemma!

Keranique Hair Care Products offered all of the solutions I was looking for. It's information sheet and website were both very reassuring! Keranique is a product that targets a woman's biochemistry, and not only helps treat the thinning and loss of women's hair, but curtails the cause of aging hair. As a result, I was confident that Keranique would rebuild my hair and bring back the texture and fullness I was lacking.

(quote) "Each product in the Keranique line is enriched with a complex of keratin, amino acids and proteins to help strengthen and fortify thinning hair, along with vegetable-derived humectants that help hydrate, nourish and stimulate micro-circulation around the hair follicles."

The first time I tried the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mousse, I dried my hair and it looked clean and seemed more hydrated. Even the blonde streaks looked like they had some life in them!

I continued to use the Keranique, and each time I noticed some more improvement in the feel and all over appearance of my hair. It even had more volume! A real change in my hair had taken place in my four weeks of using Keranique. My natural dark brown hair color was very rich and looked so vibrant. The wave in my hair was more defined and had a fuller look. My hair actually looked healthier than it had in a long time… and yes, I noticed that when I brushed my hair it was much stronger and the shedding was no longer a cause for concern!

Read the information on the website for more detailed information, and if you are currently not pleased with how your hair is looking, and have noticed that subtle thinning of your hair as I did, give Keranique a try!

You may purchase Keranique on their website at :

I'll continue to use Keranique, and anticipate even more improvement with continued maintenance.

In closing, here are the before and after images that were sent to me with information about the product before I started to use Keranique! They certainly piqued my interest, and I believe they will impress you as well.

5-Stars for Keranique! It's a real winner…

Company Name: Atlantic Coast Media Group
Contact Person: Keranique
Email: Send Email
Phone: 8008846470
Address:PO Box 9300 
City: Jersey City
State: NJ 07303
Country: United States

Friday, February 22, 2013

Start Your Own Fully-Loaded Auction Site with the Best Penny Auction Script Provider

The most popular and reliable penny auction script provider celebrates five years of successful operations in this highly competitive market.

phpPennyAuction has been helping clients launch their penny auction business since 2008 with a remarkable degree of success, not very common in this industry. They have been staying ahead of the curve by adding new features and providing lifetime support to their clients. With over 5,000 registered clients, they are the first choice of those who want to create a highly attractive and features-rich penny auction site. The company recently completed five successful years in business.
The popular penny auction script has introduced new features in v2.5 to make your penny auction website more attractive and vibrant. There are over 40 bug fixes, database improvements, updates and more now available for clients for upgradation at zero cost in the Support Center. All phpPennyAuction script packages now include penny auctions, reverse auctions, peak auctions, beginner auctions, free auctions, nail-biter auctions, multiple bid increments, ticker auctions, bid package auctions and reserve auctions as standard with every package purchased.

The CMS has been redesigned on phpPennyAuction to allow members to add their own content, pages, newsletters and auctions effortlessly in seconds. You can provide your customers the convenience of eight reliable payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Wallet, PayPal Pro,, ePayment, DIBS, DotPay and iDeal. The penny auction script also supports the integration of custom payment gateways. You have the added convenience of being able to adjust each gateway's settings instantly and securely.

PhpPennyAuction guarantees more feature than other penny auction software companies. The site has a completely unbiased comparison page where a side-by-side breakdown of what you get from their services versus what is offered by competitors is clearly established. Their Refugee Program even helps you relocate your previous substandard penny auction script to them and get an exclusive discount in the bargain. Their sales team will help you transfer users, auctions and products from junk scripts to their highly effective ones.

The phpPennyAuction software was designed with focus on usability and hence does not require any specialist knowledge to run and operate. Every order comes with a free installation. All major aspects of setting up your website are taken care of by an excellent and knowledgeable support staff. The fully featured Professional Package is perfect for first timers.

The company spokesman insists that the phpPennyAuction software is the most widely used penny auction script. "We have been helping clients launch their penny auction business since 2008. Where others have come and gone, we have remained ahead of the curve by adding new features and providing lifetime support."

The company now accepts payments through AVANGATE and 14 other forms of payment including Visa/MasterCard, bank wire transfer, American Express, Diner's Club and others. You can buy the Standard Plan for as low as $699 while the Premium Plan is available for just $899. The Professional Package can be ordered for $1299. All the prices are billed as one-off. You pay only once and there are no hidden charges or annual fees whatsoever.

Company Name: Scriptmatix Ltd
Contact Person: PhpPennyAuction
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Phone: 01531452874
Address:Unit 75 Waterham Business Park
City: Faversham
State: Kent
Country: United Kingdom

Community Care First Aid Announces OFA Level 1 Course for Workplace Emergency

The OFA level 1 course, from a training partner of the Canadian Red Cross, Community Care First-Aid, is designed for workplace emergency first aid and CPR.

Community Care First-Aid has introduced OFA level 1 course for handling workplace emergency. The course helps employees acquire critical skills of first aid and CPR. Employees will feel reassured by the fact that first aid and CPR are available on the company premises and there is someone at hand to assist them, if a cardiac emergency occurs.

Community Care First-Aid is the training partner of the Canadian Red Cross and helps spread awareness for first aid and CPR skills in communities of the Greater Vancouver area. They aim to bring first aid and CPR training to the community. Experience has showed them that community education is the best way of increasing survival rates in emergency situations. Trained individuals will be able to offer an immediate medical response when the need arises and it will be faster than any ambulance service.

Community Care First-Aid hopes to achieve this goal by adopting an unique teaching approach which relies on training people at a place and time that is most convenient for them. The training can be scheduled in the community center, office, or even in home.

The center hopes to get more and more people trained this way. In addition, this type of first aid training can be interactive and enjoyable when more friends, family members, and colleagues are involved. It is an unique way to impart knowledge and the ability to save lives of a greater number of people.

The vast and varied experience of Alon Hendel, director and head instructor of Community Care First-Aid, helps them achieve their noble objectives in a planned and systematic way.

Hendel has held the responsible position of head coordinator and instructor in the army medical school of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), where he trained hundreds of combat medics. Hendel continued to train medical personal and volunteers for Israel's Emergency Medical Services, a member of the Red Cross International organization. To further establish his medical training, he achieved a Bachelor of Medical Science degree (BMedSc) from the University of Sydney, Australia, with a scholarship for academic achievement in 2005.

The OFA level 1 course from Community Care First-Aid is a workplace emergency first aid and CPR course which many view as a special service for both their colleagues and clients. The service sends a clear message that employees are safe in the organization due to ready access to CPR trained experts. It also helps employers comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations as set by Work Safe BC.

The eight hour first aid training course comes with flexible scheduling options and gives a three year certification in Occupational First Aid Level 1. The course includes CPR Level 1 plus AED. CPR information is provided in greater detail in the course. The content also focuses primarily on medical emergencies that can occur in an indoor work environment. The core area of the course helps in dealing with medical situation, such as cardiac arrest, airway emergencies, and life threatening illnesses.

Community Care First-Aid does not believe in training through memorization. They teach you the logic behind first aid and CPR in very practical terms, so that when the time comes for you to put your training into actual practice, you will know the purpose of your action and the goals you are trying to achieve. Learning is imparted through a well developed process that helps retain the course detailsfor a longer time.

To know more about OFA level 1 course and other courses and schedules, visit

Company Name: Community Care First Aid
Contact Person: Alon Hendel
Email: Send Email
Phone: 604-677-1461
Address:7170 Camano St.
Country: United States


ANGARAI listed in "Top Companies of 2011" in The Inc. 5000.
Diversity MBA magazine lists ANGARAI President and CEO as Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive and Emerging Leader of 2011.
ANGARAI awarded "Small Business of the Year" at the Prince George's Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Awards Ceremony 2010.
ANGARAI listed in the Top 100 MBEs by Mid-Atlantic region including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and District of Columbia in 2009.
ANGARAI ranked No. 330 across the U

ANGARAI is a professional management consulting firm with a project management center of excellence, specializing in organization change management, oversight, and compliance. Identified as one of the fastest growing small businesses in Maryland,USA,it was established in 2003.

Angarai\'s demonstrated success and expertise are in the core verticals of Transportation & Infrastructure, Health & Human Services, Defense & Security verticals.

Year 2013 marks the 10th year of ANGARAI's operations since its inception from the basement of its founder & CEO, Venkat Subramanian's residence. Expanding its operations, US based professional management consulting company ANGARAI opens an additional office in Greenbelt, Prince George's County, Maryland.

When the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) of Prince George's County started the "Technology Incubator" program  funded by the State of Maryland, Venkat Subramanian moved his operations into the incubator in 2007, with a vision to enable professional employment in the county by expanding ANGARAI's horizons to provide holistic management solutions to Federal, State and Local, and Quasi Government agencies.

ANGARAI's operations have grown from the EDC Prince George's incubator location to ANGARAI I and now ANGARAI II. The team has grown from one employee, President and CEO, Venkat Subramanian, to over 30 team members in its current global headquarters.

The ribbon cutting ceremony of ANGARAI II was graced by the County Executive of Prince George's County Honorable Rushern L Baker, Deputy Secretary of State for policy and external affairs Mr. Rajan R. Natarajan, and represented by several friends, partners and colleagues from State and Local Government departments, business houses, not-for-profit organizations and the media. County Executive Rushern Baker spoke eloquently about the importance of the Economic Development Corporation's work for small businesses in the County and commended the growth and commitment of ANGARAI as an example of leading by excellence from the County. The ribbon cutting was also followed by a reception.

ANGARAI's DNA is built on the passion to excel. As the company enters its 10th year of operations, it has been an amalgamation of many moments of collaboration. The philosophy of ANGARAI drives its business and corporate credo for individual, organizational and environmental "Significance" – to be responsible corporate citizens and to build a society that is progressive, inclusive and sustainable. At ANGARAI, excellence is not an act or an accident – it is a HABIT, and the journey is the reward.

Company Name: ANGARAI
Contact Person: Santhosh Kumar
Email: Send Email
Phone: 410.472.5000
Address:7331 Hanover Parkway, Suite C & D, Greenbelt, MD 20770. USA.
Country: United States

Intrepid Potash and Mosaic Donate $700,000 to Launch New Industrial Maintenance Program at NMSU Carlsbad

"We believe we've identified a need for qualified personnel in this area of study and thanks to the generosity of our donors have been able to work proactively to meet that need. The advantage for graduates is being able to promote themselves as someone with training and experience in this field, something that makes them extremely attractive to local employers." said Dr. John Gratton, president at NMSU Carlsbad.

With the demand for highly trained industrial maintenance mechanics and electricians in Eddy County outpacing supply New Mexico State University's Carlsbad campus is adding a new program to meet this need. Created through a $700,000 joint donation from Intrepid Potash Inc. and The Mosaic Company the college expects to launch its first class in Fall 2013.

With the demand for highly trained industrial maintenance mechanics and electricians in Eddy County outpacing supply New Mexico State University's Carlsbad campus is adding a new program to meet this need. 

Created through a $700,000 joint donation from Intrepid Potash Inc. and The Mosaic Company the college expects to launch its first class in Fall 2013. 

The program offers two paths for students, associates and certificates programs with specializations in electrical and mechanical. The proposed 64 or 65 credit associate's degrees and 58 credit certificate programs can both be completed in about two years. 

The curriculum is expected to include both classroom study at the Carlsbad college location combined with hands-on training on various kinds of machinery.  Internship opportunities will also be available to selected students at both the Mosaic and Intrepid facilities located in Eddy County. The classroom portion of the program will include training in current technology, electrical, hydraulic, engineering, mechanical drawing, mathematics, blueprint reading, and computer programming. 

"We believe we've identified a need for qualified personnel in this area of study and thanks to the generosity of our donors have been able to work proactively to meet that need. The advantage for graduates is being able to promote themselves as someone with training and experience in this field, something that makes them extremely attractive to local employers." said Dr. John Gratton, president at NMSU Carlsbad. Gratton also added that this program is an example of public and private sector cooperation that benefits the community as a whole. 

"Mosaic is proud to partner with NMSU Carlsbad in bringing the Industrial Maintenance Mechanic and electrician training program to Southeast New Mexico," said Bill Boyer, general manager at Mosaic's Carlsbad potash facility. "Potash in the Carlsbad area relies on employing people with the level of training and skills that this program will provide. Our contribution to NMSU Carlsbad is an investment in the sustainability of Mosaic's Carlsbad operations and the community it supports." 

"We are fortunate to have the proven resource of NMSU Carlsbad to invest in and with a great partner in Mosaic. This knowledge and skills development program will be a foundational block for Intrepid today and in the future as we execute on over a century of minable reserves," said Robert Baldridge, general manager of Intrepid Potash's Carlsbad sites "We are proud to be a part of creating solutions and opportunities in the communities where we live." 

Students will be able to seek employment right after graduation or transfer to four year schools such as NMSU's Las Cruces campus to pursue a Bachelor's degree in engineering.


Company Name: NMSU Carlsbad
Contact Person: Khushroo Ghadiali
Email: Send Email
Phone: 575.234.9414
Address:1500 University Drive
City: Carlsbad
State: New Mexico
Country: United States

Rukket Sports Introduces the revolutionary El Diablo Soccer Goal

\"We have changed the way people practice golf permanently with our instant set up and ball returning golf nets, we now plan to do the same with soccer. Soccer is the largest youth sport in the US, and for too long players have had to rely on portable goals that are too expensive, too big, poor quality and just plain ugly.\" Ryan Dickerson, Partner Rukket Sports

Rukket Sports has just released its newest soccer goal, the El Diablo. Rukket is new to the soccer industry. The company started out producing instant set up golf nets that return the golf ball. Following the success and experience of these large nets Rukket has leveraged its design experience to create the fastest, lightest, sweetest soccer net ever. The net is the first of its kind in the US and does not follow the traditional pattern of cheap and ugly that have for so long dominated the s

Rukket Sports Keeps Changing the Game

Check any news release for Rukket and you will see they are big in the golf world.  Their Rukk Net is consistently listed as a must have golf accessory and the best golf net in the industry.  Looking to capitalize on the expertise that goes into making a world class golf net the company has applied the same principles to Soccer, creating an amazingly lightweight and compact soccer goal that fits into a sleek backpack and pops open into a goal that can be used on turf, grass, or hard flooring.  The nets unique design catches the ball no matter how hard it is kicked and gently rolls it out of the net.  No more digging around for the ball.  

The secret to the El Diablo is the formulation of its bonded frame.  "We had to go through over 30 formulations before we found the right one that was strong yet wouldn't snap" said Ryan Dickerson, the chief designer of new products for Rukket.  "We applied the same principles that made us successful in golf: double stitching, high density materials, and then we actually use it to make sure its fun. We are really proud of this net and how it came out"  

A Rukket sport has a reputation for quality and innovation.  Their customer reviews online show a company dedicated to quality and customer service.  "We just want everyone that comes into contact with us to have a good experience.  If you are using our nets, you should be having a great time.  We stand behind all our products, that's what really separates us from everyone else out there."  Says Ryan.

If you are interested in Rukket products check them out at or see the El Diablo video at:

Company Name: Rukket Sports
Contact Person: Ryan Dickerson
Email: Send Email
Phone: 404 937-0384
Address:390 Hampton Ct.
City: Athens
State: GA
Country: United States

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Keranique Offers New “Hair Solutions” System for Hair Re-Growth Among Women

An advance hair therapy for regrowth, specifically formulated to address thin, dull, lackluster hair for women of all ages.

While many women are faced with the costly proposition of purchasing numerous, individually packaged hair care products, Keranique is offering numerous products together, in a new "hair solutions" system.

New York, NY February 16, 2013. Health and beauty stores are crowded with products claiming to help women thicken or re-grow thinning hair, something that may seem, on the surface, like an advantage for the consumer. In reality, this abundance of hair re-growth products can often seem daunting. Many women are faced with the expensive proposition of purchasing several, individually packaged hair care products in order to achieve the desired effect. Just as vexing is the fact that determining which hair products work the best together can be difficult, especially when it comes to products made by different companies or belonging to different brands. A hair care brand called Keranique is offering a solution to these problems, however, with its new hair re-growth system. The Keranique system includes several products that are meant to be used in tandem, eliminating the need for women to purchase numerous items separately.

The Keranique system comes packaged with multiple products, each meant to provide women with hair rejuvenation results. The system includes several products from the Keranique line, including a shampoo, a conditioner, Keranique's unique hair re-growth treatment, and a lifting spray. These items, when used together, are said to offer effects in the thickening, volumizing, and re-growth of women's hair.

Even though the Keranique system comes with multiple products, it is the hair re-growth formula that has garnered the most attention—and for good reason. This product is made with minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient specifically used to re-grow hair that has been lost or that has grown thin.

While each of the products in the Keranique system is effective in its own right, they are intended for use together, in harmony, to achieve the desired effect. With its 2 percent minoxidil formulation, the hair re-growth treatment helps women grow hair that has been lost, while the other products lead to a healthier environment for growing thicker, fuller hair.

In most cases, the re-growth of lost hair does not happen overnight, as it takes some time for the ingredients to work to their full potential; even so, many Keranique users have claimed to see results in as little as a week's time. The efficacy of the products in the Keranique system stems largely from Keranique's insistence on using only ingredients that have been scientifically formulated for woman, something that sets Keranique apart from many other hair care brands. In addition, the Keranique products provide protection from heat, humidity, and pH imbalances.

Keranique is a hair care brand that provides re-growth solutions to women who are facing hair loss or thinning. The Keranique product line is formulated specifically for women. Founded on scientific principles of hair rejuvenation, these products guard the hair against heat and humidity while providing a pH balanced hair loss solution. Additionally, Keranique has incorporated minoxidil into its hair re-growth treatment, an FDA approved ingredient specifically used to re-grow lost or thinning hair. To learn more, visit

Company Name: Atlantic Coast Media Group
Contact Person: Keranique
Email: Send Email
Address:PO Box 9300 
City: Jersey City
State: NJ 07303
Country: United States


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