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Flint,MI native Johnie Williams has been able to take lemons and make lemonade in the most recent case involving teen Ethan Couch a.k.a. "the affluenza kid" who killed four people while drunk and intoxicated and injuring two others.

Ethan Couch gained national attention when he received probation and rehab as a result of his "Affluenza" defense, citing that his parents never taught him that he had consequences behind his actions.

The founding of "AFFLUENZA Fashion Company" aims to educate young adults the importance of financial literacy, social injustices involving large disparities of wealth, and entrepreneurship. "I thought the timing could not be more urgent than now. Since information is readily available through technology from smart phones, young adults are hungrier for that information now more than ever. With the economy showing signs of recovery it's important that we do what we can to engage that stimuli. We have more innovative minds primed for a second generation of inventive boom, just as we had in the Henry Ford days."

"AFFLUENZA Fashion Company" is scheduled to open a pop-up store August 1st 2014 at Great Lakes Crossing. Williams plans to partner with members of the community and educators offering workshops in Financial Literacy, entrepreneurs, innovation, trademarks, and book publishing.

Williams displayed early signs of innovation by winning the Douglas Hougen (Hougen Manufacturing Co.) award for inventions in '97, competing in the Dane Keening Team F.I.R.S.T. Robotics competition, and was a part of Lawrence Techs entrepreneurial collaboratory (Technology Highway).

Williams earned a degree in architecture from Lawrence Technological University with various patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Williams, is also author of the financial literacy book "Fast Life Fast Money".

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