Thursday, July 31, 2014

7MM BET Renew Algorithms To Boast The Most Accurate Score Prediction Rate In The Business

7MM BET has created the most accurate score prediction algorithms to determine the outcomes of matches before they even take place, helping individuals make the most accurate calls on scores.

Betting on the outcomes of football matches is something millions of people love to do, whether as a flutter on their favorite team, a pastime that can help them make extra money or even professionally. The risk of course comes in never knowing the outcome. However, if individuals can use a highly accurate score prediction service they increase their chances of winning big. 7MM BET has introduced new algorithms to better predict scorelines, and help their users make even more money by placing more accurate bets.

Though the company offers a huge range of services and casino games (tangkasnet and agen bola tangkas online) to their users, they have come to specialize in score prediction after their team consistently found ways to increase their accuracy. With the latest update, they claim to be the most accurate score prediction service in the business right now.

In addition to this statistical outcome generator, the site has also furnished its blog with an abundance of sports and soccer related content designed to provide insider knowledge to individuals interested in betting on the future of teams or even players. The content is all high quality and completely original and is even helping people involved in Fantasy Football leagues.

A spokesperson for 7MM BET explained, “We have been working hard to provide our users with the best services possible and to give them added value for using our site by increasing the accuracy with which we predict scores and outcomes of games. After years of refinement, our latest update has created the most accurate score prediction to date, and makes it easier than ever for users to achieve what they need to achieve. We offer a safe, convenient and easy service with access to a huge range of games to choose from, so there’s never been a better time to see how you could do better with 7MM BET.”

About 7MM BET:

7MM BET is a website with one of the best online football prediction services according to bet-makers. 7MM BET enables users to access a wide range of football betting and casino gambling games online, including Ibcbet, SBOBET and 368BET. Their online casino features 338A, Avia, Guavita, Asia8bet, Unobet, 1sCasino, and IonCasino. For more information please visit:

Media Contact
Company Name:Brand Outreach
Contact Person: Joe Bragg
Phone: (415) 632 1664
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States


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