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Wei-soft.com’s WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Voted the Favorite Software for Copying DVD Titles to PCs

Wei-soft.com dvd ripper
Wei-soft.com Limited's WinX DVD Ripper Platinum becomes the favorite software for ripping hit DVD movie titles to PCs. It's maybe the fastest dvd ripper in the world.

Wei-soft.com Limited, the renowned graphics and multimedia solutions provider, is grabbing the headlines yet again. The company’s WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is leading popular opinion as the software par compare, when it comes to ripping popular DVD titles to PCs. 

“Watching your favorite movies on your PC is a relaxing experience but it may not be possible to do it with all DVD titles due to various copy protections,” says the spokesperson for Wei-soft.com Limited, Elise Lyn. “With our advanced WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, you can copy any movie on to your PC, regardless of the encryption or protection methods. It is a convenient way of creating a backup of popular content and sharing it with friends without having to take care of the original DVD.” 

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/BforyFT6SpM

Wei-soft.com’s WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is acknowledged as the fastest DVD ripping software available on the market. Users can copy and rip DVD to PC without compromising on the quality of video, audio, or subtitles in five minutes flat, according to company officials. Interestingly, the WinX DVD Ripper comes with preset profiles for many devices including PCs. This ensures simple, error-free setup and great output quality for any specific device.

With WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, compatibility issues are set to rest, as the software helps rip and convert home DVD to a number of formats in double quick time than any other DVD converter program available. Users can easily convert their favorite movie titles to AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, DivX, XviD, and a host of other video formats and many audio formats as well. 

The path-breaking software can also be used to extract DVD audio into MP3 music file. Adding or removing subtitles is also easy, as the software supports this task adequately for output video files. All video and audio parameters can be effectively controlled using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum’s powerful features. The output image as well as the video/ audio quality can be adjusted to match user’s requirements easily.

The process of ripping DVD titles to PC can be completed in a few, simple steps. After inserting the DVD to be copied, the output format must be selected. There are advanced adjustment options for changing conversion parameters. After choosing the most appropriate one, click the OK tab. Hitting on the RUN button starts the rapid ripping process. Within minutes, users can have their favorite movie on their PC.

According to company officials, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can also be used to customize videos by simply changing the parameter settings. Clipping video segments can also be done by dragging the scroll bar.

Industry experts and developers prefer using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum over other similar DVD copying software programs, due to the several advantages they are able to enjoy with this winning software from Wei-soft.com.

For more information, visit http://www.wei-soft.com.

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About Wei-soft.com Limited:

Wei-soft.com Limited is a premier graphic and multimedia company known for its innovative products, such as WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and HD Video Converter Deluxe. The company has been at the forefront of emerging technology in this niche and is clearly way ahead of competitors in providing clients high-quality DVD ripper and video converter software.

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How to Organize a Perfect Webinar?[Runclick Webinar Software Review]

Runclick Review
RunClick is a self-hosted app that turns Google Hangouts into your very own webcast service. All you have to decide is how you want to use it.

Runclick Webinar Software Review

Tips for organizing and producing online Webinars  for your business(we will talk also about runclick review)

Online seminars, or webinars, are a dynamic and engaging way to convey information to a geographically dispersed audience on a budget. If your nonprofit faces an ongoing need to share information long-distance but has limited education and travel funds, webinars can help you save money — and reduce your carbon footprint — while providing a valuable service to your constituents.

Runclick Webinar Software is a WP webinar plugin that can provide you with advantages that Google Hangout missed, so that you can have a perfect work with more small details and interaction with users.

Nonprofits use webinars for a variety of purposes, including software training, sharing information about a new product or service, or promoting a program. Moreover, new online tools are making it easy for any organization or charity to host a webinar, even with limited technology expertise. Below, we'll outline some of the major steps you can take to plan quality, affordable webinars at your nonprofit.

1. Ask yourself (and others) whether a webinar is the right tool for your needs.

Webinar software can be a powerful training and outreach tool, but, like all technologies, the decision to use it should be subordinate to your strategic objectives and the needs of your audience. While webinars work well for some topics, they're not suited to every training need.

When determining whether a webinar is the best medium for your needs, consider your audience, the subject matter, and the time you'll need to cover your topic. If you're addressing a small, internal audience of colleagues about a new organizational goal, for example, a webinar may be a less appropriate option than it would be for, say, a training seminar for a large audience of clients and funders. Likewise, a daylong course on effective interpersonal communication might not translate well to an online seminar. Most online audiences tend to lose interest after about two hours, so organize your topics and information so they can adequately be covered given this time constraint, or break your curriculum into chunks of two hours or less. When you're breaking a large topic into smaller chunks, leave at least 15 to 30 minutes between sections. However, if your audience is busy, or if they're unaccustomed to online learning, it's usually best to leave a day or more between sections. In other words, few of us can spare more than two hours a day for training, and even that is difficult to manage.

When evaluating whether a webinar meets your needs, you may also wish to solicit the feedback of subject-matter experts and webinar tool experts, other nonprofits in your field that have conducted their own webinars, and even the audience you plan to address. Informal conversations, formal interviews, and surveys and polls can all help you assess whether a webinar is the right medium for your — and your audience's — needs.

2. Recruit speakers and a support team.

Once you've decided that a webinar is the right tool for you, you'll need to assemble a team of staff members or volunteers to help you run it. In general, there are three main players in a webinar: the organizer/facilitator, the presenter or presenters, and assistants. You might fill all three of these roles yourself, you might assign them to three different people, or you might need more than three. Bear in mind, though, that while some presenters can handle all of these roles on their own, we only recommend the going-solo approach for an experienced trainer addressing a small audience. In most cases, you should at the very least divide up the organizer and presenter roles, and for large, complex webinars you'll often need one or more assistants.

  • Organizer/facilitator. The organizer is the person responsible for developing the webinar topic, locating a speaker, marketing the event, setting up the registration, and communicating with participants. The organizer usually participates in the webinar itself by introducing speakers, interviewing the subject matter experts, moderating audience questions, and encouraging audience participation. The organizer also monitors the overall situation and helps to troubleshoot logistical and technical problems. In other words, the organizer does most of the hard work, and most of the steps outlined in this article. Time commitment: roughly 10 to 20 hours per webinar.
  • Presenter(s) (also known as subject matter experts). Ideally, presenters should concentrate their efforts on preparing their demonstration and their PowerPoint slides. During the webinar, their main focus should be the presentation itself, as well as fielding questions from the audience. Worrying about the webinar software, event registration, troubleshooting, and other logistical details detracts from the presenters' ability to give an engaging presentation. In certain formats (a panel discussion, for example), you might have more than one presenter. Time commitment: four to six hours per hour of webinar.
  • Assistants. Experienced organizers often produce webinars without any assistance, but there are at least three scenarios where you should consider asking for help: When you or your audience is unfamiliar with webinars and webinar tools; when you plan to play a large role in the conversation (either as an interviewer or participant); and when you expect a large audience. Assistants can help by answering questions that the organizer and the presenter don't have time for. Often, assistants focus entirely on answering technical and logistical questions ("I can't hear the audio," for example). In this case, you can recruit and train the assistant yourself, and anyone moderately tech-savvy can do a good job. However, for webinars where you expect a large audience and where you anticipate more audience questions than the presenter alone can answer in the time allotted, you may need an assistant who understands the subject at hand to help with answering chat questions. (An alternate approach would be to refer all unanswered questions to an online forum where the presenter can respond at a more leisurely pace.) Time commitment: one to two hours per hour of webinar.

3. Determine the format.

A webinar can be structured in a variety of formats to suit different purposes

4. Plan your visuals.

Since webinars rely on audio and visuals to get the message across, both should be engaging. Plain slides with a lot of text don't work as well as interesting visuals that illustrate the topic being discussed.

Some visuals you may wish to include with your presentation are:

  • An introductory slide reminding your audience how to log in to the audio and what time the webinar will begin.
  • A slide introducing each presenter, including job title, affiliation, and a photograph if available.
  • A quick overview of the webinar agenda and the topics to be covered.
  • Screen grabs of websites or tools you will be discussing. If possible, try to show the sites and tools in action (rather than just the image stills) for a more dynamic experience. Most webinar tools allow you to share your desktop, displaying in real time your interaction with programs and websites.

5. Pick a tool.

There are dozens of web conferencing tools out there, offering a variety of features tailored to different needs. Google Hangout is one of the most famous webinar tools but it misses some useful features that can help you in ur webinar presentation so u can use Runclick webinar software to fulfill these missing point.

Pay close attention to this decision and give yourself some time to try out various web conferencing platforms. Once you get started with a particular webinar tool, it's hard to switch to a new tool. There are several reasons for this: You and your colleagues have learned to use the software, your regular participants are familiar with this tool, and you've already paid for a subscription to this program (unless you're using a free tool).

When weighing your software options, here are a few questions to ask:

How many people will the tool accommodate?

Most tools and pricing plans set a cap on the number of participants. Once you reach that number, new participants find themselves locked out or the tool lets them in and charges you a fee for each person above the cap. For free and low-cost web conferencing packages, the cap is often as low as 15 or 20 participants. Other plans top out at 50 or 100, while enterprise-level packages allow as many as 1,000 participants per webinar.

How much does it cost?

While some packages are free, other vendors charge for web conferencing and audio separately, some charge per participant per minute, and others charge a flat fee per month or per year. When you add in the fees for hosting recorded webinars and the cost of a toll-free phone bridge (when applicable), the pricing schemes can be complicated.

Which features will you need?

Do you want to just show a presentation or demonstrate how to use a specific piece of software? Would you like your participants to be able to take control of your desktop? Do you want a live video feed of the speakers? Make sure you choose a tool that allows you to do what you want.

How is audio handled?

Some products offer integrated, web-streaming audio, which allows participants to listen to the presentation through their computer speakers or their computer headsets. With this arrangement, if participants plan to talk, they'll need a microphone for their computer or a headset with a built-in microphone. If they work in close proximity to their colleagues, they will also need computer headphones or a computer headset to avoid bothering their neighbors. A headset with microphone that plugs in via USB or standard audio ports is well-suited to this type of webinar and costs between $20 and $40.

Other webinar platforms require that participants and presenters dial in to a special phone number, often referred to as a phone bridge. You usually have two options for this: a toll number, in which case the participants have to pay the fees charged by their long-distance or cell phone provider; and a toll-free number, in which case you or your organization will pay five to ten cents per minute for each participant. If you absorb the costs of these calls, be aware that they can add up quickly during webinars with a high turnout. For example, 53 people participating in a 60-minute webinar at six cents per minute would cost a total of $191.

Finally, many webinar platforms offer you both web-streaming audio and phone-bridge options. You can choose to enable one or the other, or both. Enabling both types of audio gives you and your audience some flexibility in the event of a technical problem.

Do you want to record the webinars and make them available for later viewing?

If so, ask how the software handles recording and whether the vendor charges extra to make that recording available on the Web. Most vendors charge for the Web hosting, rather than the recording feature itself, but you should always check to be certain. Monthly hosting fees can be as high as $15 per month per recorded hour. If you feel the fees are excessive, you can download the recording and make it available yourself, but serving or streaming the recording from inside your network might put a strain on your bandwidth or your technical expertise.

When evaluating software, you will also want to ask what exactly gets recorded. Some tools, for example, only show the slides along with audio, but don't record the chat conversation or the desktop sharing. Vendors also vary in terms of how long they save the recording. Some delete it after a month, while others save it until you delete it yourself.

Click on this link to check the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yZ-WUasERs

6. Create an agenda.

About three or four weeks before your webinar, hold a conference call with the speaker or speakers and determine what questions you'll ask and the order in which the speakers will present. If you are using a format that enables visuals, ask each speaker to furnish the graphics and images to accompany his or her section of the presentation well ahead of time. (If speakers are demonstrating software, only a few slides will be necessary, as most of the webinar will likely be spent on the application itself.) You may also want to ask speakers to send a photograph and brief biographical description that you can use for registration and outreach.

Follow up this initial call with an email containing notes from your discussion. These notes may include:

  • A list of topics and questions you came up with during the conference call.
  • Deadlines for materials. If your presenter plans to use PowerPoint slides or other visual aids, ask her to send you the graphics and visuals at least two or three days before the run-through so you have time to proofread and merge her materials with your own. For example, you may have a PowerPoint template you use for all presentations and webinars. You may have introduction and conclusion slides you want to add. And, of course, you should double-check each slide for typos.
  • An agenda with the order of the speakers and the duration of each segment. For example, the agenda for a moderated panel discussion about two different blog platforms with a nonprofit blogger and a tech author might appear as follows:
    • 11:00 Moderator introduces speakers and provides an overview of the tools being discussed.
    • 11:05 Moderator talks to blogger.
    • 11:15 Moderator talks to tech author.
    • 11:30 Blogger demonstrates tools.
    • 11:40 Moderator opens questions to audience.
    • 11:55 Moderator gives a brief description of your organization or charity and its work.
    • 11:58 Moderator wraps up webinar, thanks participants, and tells audience where they can go for more information.

7. Schedule a dry run.

A few days before your webinar, you should schedule at least one 30- to 60-minute run-through with all participants to work out any unresolved questions or technical issues.

Your dry run should cover the following:

  • An introduction to the participants. If speakers haven't met during the initial call, this would be a good time to introduce the people who will be present during the webinar, both online and behind the scenes. Make sure the participants know whom they should turn to if they have questions during the webinar — and how they can reach them.
  • An introduction to the webinar tool and its features. Discuss how to use the tool, what features are available to the presenters, and where participants can go to get extra practice in using the tool on their own before the event.
  • An equipment check. This is a good time to ensure that all of your presenters' operating systems, web browsers, headsets, and other equipment are compatible with the web conferencing tool. Fortunately, most webinar tools let presenters and participants test their computer for compatibility before the event itself. You can usually do that by directing them to a web page where they can launch a wizard that tests for the necessary components and plug-ins. Be sure to include instructions for this with your registration information. While you can't force attendees to check their computers, follow up with your presenter to ensure that she has all of the downloads and plug-ins she needs.
  • A review of your agenda and visuals. Go over the agenda and move through the presentation to ensure that slides are in the right order and that speakers know where they come in. Before the run-through, compile your presenters' visuals and load them into the conferencing tool. This will help presenters understand what the attendees will see, as the presenters' view is different from the attendees' view.

A dry run is also a great opportunity to generate enthusiasm for the upcoming event and rally your presenters.

8. Reserve your equipment and space.

By and large, the webinar tool you choose will determine the type of equipment you'll need to run it. In general, you will want to have the following:

  • Headsets. The organizer and all presenters will need headsets — telephone headsets if your webinar tool uses a phone bridge, or computer headsets if your tool uses integrated web audio. Technically, you can use the telephone handset if your webinar package has a phone bridge, but it's distracting and tiring to lift a phone to your ear for an hour or more, especially when you're using a mouse and keyboard. Never present a webinar using a speakerphone. Even in a quiet location the audio quality is often poor, and in noisier spots a speakerphone will pick up background noise.
  • A power cord if you're using a laptop, as a backup for your battery.
  • A network cable to connect you directly to the network if you aren't using a wireless connection.

Regardless of the equipment you use, you will need a quiet space in which to conduct your webinar. In addition to using a headset, you should reserve a conference room or place where there won't be background noise or interruptions. In addition to keeping out background office noise, you'll also want a space secluded from outside distractions, such as construction noise or sirens.

9. Set up a system for registering attendees and determine your price structure.

Before you begin marketing your webinar, determine what tool you will use to register attendees. Some online conferencing programs, such as ready talk, offer built-in registration tools. Signing up participants using free event-registration tools is another option, but bear in mind that free tools frequently lack the advanced features that you'll want if you manage a lot of events.

Choosing an event-registration tool is a good time to make a decision on whether you will charge for your webinar — and if so, how much. While most fee-based webinars are offered in the $25 to $40 range, others can be priced at upwards of $200 per attendee.

Keep in mind that while organizations that invest significant time and energy into a regular series of high-quality webinars might recoup some of their costs by charging attendees, nonprofits that only produce a few webinars a year may drive away potential participants with a fee, not to mention creating extra work for themselves for very little profit. On the other hand, charging a modest fee ($5 to $20) to recoup the cost of your time and expenses might be acceptable, depending on your audience. As you assess your audience's needs (see Step 1), you can determine whether they are likely to pay for the type of webinars you'll be offering. If you're unsure, you can always ask for an optional donation until you get a better sense of your audience and their willingness to pay.

If you plan to charge a fee that your audience will see as significant (for example, more than $25), make sure most or all of the following are true:

  • You have a wealth of hands-on experience, an especially deep knowledge of the subject, or some other attribute that makes your advice especially valuable to potential participants. Do some Web searches on your topic. If you find a lot of high-quality, user-friendly resources that contain the same information you plan to present, think twice about charging for your webinar.
  • You have a lot of experience with training in general and online communication in particular. Keep in mind that participants have higher expectations when they pay; the more money you charge, the greater the expectation that you will deliver an engaging, well-produced webinar.
  • You have the capacity to collect payments easily using a tool like PayPal.
  • You plan to conduct webinars on a regular basis.

One advantage of charging for your webinar is that it provides an incentive for participants to show up. If everyone pays beforehand, you'll have fewer no-shows. With free webinars, you can expect that roughly 50 percent of the people who sign up will fail to attend.

10. Publicize!

It is important to get the word out far and wide about your upcoming webinar, especially if you're planning to charge for it. You will want to begin sending out information two to three weeks before the event. Create an engaging, succinct description and convey clearly whom the webinar is for— for example, beginners or advanced, accidental techie or executive director.

Good places to advertise your event include your web site, online event calendars such as Upcoming.com, relevant listservs, newsletters (online and printed), Twitter channels, Facebook groups, local events for nonprofits, and web pages that promote nonprofit webinars. Don't forget, too, to promote future online seminars at the end of current webinars.

For more information on, visit our Runclick review video 

Video Link:http://www.youtube.com/embed/6yZ-WUasERs

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Independent Erotica Author Writes About His Real-Life Sexual Adventures Publishes Groundbreaking Book in Chinese Mandarin

EH Watson also currently offers a 30 day limited time period 67% discount for all his four books on his series entitled My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation

British independent author EH Watson is offering a 67% discount on his four bestselling transgender erotica books [his Ladyboy Erotic Vacation Series] until midnight of September 5 for a 30 day period. All books are now available to purchase for just $1 dollar each. The first of these books, entitled 'My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation' is now also available in Chinese Mandarin. EH Watson is one of the few (if not only) erotica authors to see the future potential of a 1 billion+ Chinese market. The Chinese edition is initially available on Smashwords. All books are published and also available on Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu.com and other major platforms.

Book Background

Unlike authors such as EL James, of Fifty Shades of Grey fame, all of EH Watson's books are written as faithful recollections of his real life sexual adventures in local and international spots, with only names of people changed to protect identities. Thus it's also imperative that he also uses a pen-name to protect his identity given the book's nature and that he frequently travels.

My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation is the first in a series of four ladyboy erotic vacation books. The book speaks of Watson's time in Thailand, enjoying his first experience with a beautiful Thai ladyboy.

It focuses on transgender sex of a heterosexual but bi-curious protagonist, the author himself, who partakes in countless encounters with the 'third sex' from all the four corners of the world. This book is based in Asia and subsequent books follow the author as he indulges in hedonism all over the world.

Just a polite caution for those interested in buying the book: the stories are very descriptive and graphic in nature so for those who enjoy graphic erotica novels then book promises heaven. For first timers, the author says “be prepared to be shocked and amazed.”

The other books in the series are as follows: My First Ladyboy Spitroast, My Shocking English Shemale Gangbang, and My Depraved Amsterdam TGirl Adventure.

These real-life explicit shemale erotica books by E.H. Watson are also available to buy and download on Nook, Kobo, Kindle & IBook store.

Marketing Ace

As an independent author and publisher, EH Watson finds the competition rather very constricting so he came up with elaborate and aggressive marketing plans.

Aside from publishing through a cheaper route which is online, Watson also uses social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, in an extensive manner. He uses these platforms to regularly communicate with his fan base. He has also launched other innovative marketing methods like online book trailers on Smashwords, his Amazon author page and Youtube channel.

His overview promotional video can be sampled here: http://youtu.be/PNeztM8OYEQ

With his dedication to hedonism, explicit & entertaining writing, and his continuous adventures, EH Watson has now amassed a loyal following and an exponentially growing popularity.

To avail of the discounted prices of just $1 per book [which normally retails at $2.99] readers must use the following coupon codes:

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These can only be redeemed on Smashwords.com by typing 'EH Watson' in the search query to be taken to the individual book listings of the author. Users can just enter the discount codes at checkout to obtain the $1 book price.

Further information on EH Watson can be found at: http://about.me/ehwatsTSlover and https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ehwatson1

About EH Watson
EH Watson was a pseudonym that the author has adopted to protect his other endeavors. He frequently travels to inspire the real stories as depicted in his books but he also maintains other correspondences and entrepreneurial activities both offline and online. Although he doesn't doubt the open-mindedness of people he meets frequently, some people may just be too conservative and frown upon his lifestyle. He has written the series to share his experiences with the huge market of liberal-minded readers who will enjoy his work in a vicarious manner and may even be inspired to further their own erotic awakenings.

YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com and Search for ‘EH Watson’.

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Vitacern’s Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract 1600 Mg Works To Stamp Down The Appetite

Pure Garcinia Cambogia not only helps in decreasing body fat while building muscle but it can also fight fat absorption. This is one all organic natural supplement that can help people manage their weight in a healthy way.

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Zillows Purchase of Trulia Makes a Splash in the Digital Real Estate World

Famous real estate website Zillow has bought up its biggest competition. The company just purchased Trulia in an incredible $3.5 billion deal. This places Zillow in a very interesting position. They now dominate the digital real estate market. In fact, their only major competitor now is Realtor.com, which lacks many of the features that Zillow is now primed to offer. Webinar generator software RunClick gives ones the ability to reach out to more audiences.  

Zillow has quickly gained a following since it debuted in 2004. Since then, the site has only grown more. In 2013, the company purchased StreetEasy, a New York City real estate website. Fans of Trulia shouldn't be dismayed by this purchase. While Zillow now owns their biggest competitor, both the Trulia and Zillow names will be maintained. The companies claim that there is little overlap between their brands, and that each site attracts its own unique clientele. Keep up with new trends of webinar creator software RunClick and start utilizing this easy to use software.

Many of Trulia' employees will also retain their positions. A Trulia director will be joining the company's now combined board, and Trulia's CEO will stay in his current post. However, he will now report to the CEO of Zillow. Both companies have approved this deal, but the dust hasn't settled quite yet. It must still be approved by the shareholders. However, it doesn't seem likely that shareholders will have an issue with this move. The IM RunClick video conferencing software allows users to create high quality webinars.

After their purchase of Trulia is finalized, Zillow plans to focus on cost-cutting. In fact, they expect to save $100 million. When combined with the increased revenue their new purchase will bring in, this should help Zillow see an impressive increase in income.

This looks like a great move for Zillow. More and more people are opting to find their new homes online, and they now have no real competition in the digital real estate world. The company is already a huge success, and it's set to become even more successful.

Video Link:http://www.youtube.com/embed/ozzh8utHT3s

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Partnership between SheVibe and The Rhino Brings Pleasure to Many Couples

Those of all sexual orientations can finally experience a no-hassle way to increase penis length and girth instantly. The Rhino simply slides over and on to the penis. No buckles, straps or harnesses are required.

New York, NY (August 5, 2014) – SheVibe Pleasure Boutique, a leading online retailer of adult toys and vibrators, partnered with The Rhino to begin distribution of the Genesis and Sleek models of the incredibly popular penis extension.  With a patented design developed by elite team of both men and women, the The Rhino is the first male enhancement penis extension to focus on comfort as well as mind-blowing pleasure for both partners. 

A superior penis extension only a part of the design of The Rhino.  The inner sleeve of the The Rhino is different from any other penis extension product on the market because of the exclusive Motion Transfer Technology system.  As a man moves during intercourse the seduction grooves stroke the shaft igniting the pleasures of the Motion Transfer Technology system.  The heat and friction created during a sexual encounter passes through The Rhino and transferred back to each partner. The Inner Seduction Grooves glide blissfully across the erogenous zones of the penis creating a heightened experience.

In turn,  The rhino remains firmly in place during the most rigorous sexual encounter through the No Slip Grip. Made of 100% silicone,  The Rhino requires no special powders or creams to retain its touch and feel.

Those of all sexual orientations can finally experience a no-hassle way to increase penis length and girth instantly.  The Rhino simply slides over and on to the penis. No buckles, straps or harnesses are required.


About Traz Rhino

The Rhino solves an age-old problem for both men and women. Men want to satisfy their partner and women need a combination of things to hit in just the right spots to reach sexual satisfaction.  The Rhino’s patented No Slip Grip Tip together with the Inner Seduction Grooves create a vacuum-powered Exaggerated Stroke. Motion Transfer Technology is the result. And the Rhino is the only male enlargement solution anywhere that has this technology.  The Rhino, unlike any other penis extension, allows you to feel your partner’s sexual reactions to your stimulation. The increased sensations during intercourse created by The Rhino takes you and your lover’s orgasms to the next level.

Media Contact
Company Name: Traz Rhino
Contact Person: Hunter Michaels
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Phone: 1-855-888-8729
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: www.trazrhino.com

META-Health University Explores EFT and Tapping in Enlightening Interview

"At META-Health University we encourage extensive training into the Body-Mind-Social Connection and the major Points and Phases of Self-Healing. Understanding our body's innate healing intelligence and the events that trigger health issue allows us to be competent and confident working with clients. This really allows integrated medicine to become a reality because we are using that best tools of traditional and complementary medicine within a new META-Health framework," notes Mr. Fisslinger
Johannes R. Fisslinger Interviews Founder of EFT and Thought Leaders, Tina and Gary Craig

Kihei, HI (August 5, 2014) – Brought on by the response to a blog article titled “EFT Does Not Work?,” META-Health University Founder Johannes R. Fisslinger interviewed Tina and Gary Craig about the need to raise the standards and education for EFT and other Complementary-Alternative Medicine techniques.  While a hot topic around the META-Health community, supporters and detractors of EFT have strong views about the success of the methodology of EFT and tapping techniques.  Since rise of EFT in the early 1990s, results have varied greatly from the unbelievable to the unrepeatable with a certain percentage of people achieving no results at all.

During this online interview with Tina and Gary Craig, the discussion quickly turned from the existing standards of Emotional Freedom Techniques currently practiced to the need for further education to increase successful results.  “You can’t go and learn a new method in two days and get these kind of advanced results.  It takes a while to build those skills,” states Tina Craig, Program Director ACEP.  In agreement, the interview proceeds to discuss the very foundation of creating a successful experience with clients.  “There is more to EFT than tapping a few points and having a symptom magically go away.  We need to get down to specific events and the core causes,” agrees Mr. Craig, Founder of EFT. 

The root of this interview drives home the idea that selling any quantum-energy psychology technique or methods as a quick fix needs to be addressed and rerouted to include extensive training.  “At META-Health University we encourage extensive training into the Body-Mind-Social Connection and the major Points and Phases of Self-Healing. Understanding our body’s innate healing intelligence and the events that trigger health issue allows us to be competent and confident working with clients.  This really allows integrated medicine to become a reality because we are using that best tools of traditional and complementary medicine within a new META-Health framework,” notes Mr. Fisslinger


About META-Health University

Our mission is to stand as a powerful force in shaping a revolutionary new healing paradigm by offering cutting edge, high quality courses, diplomas and degrees in integrative medicine and META-Health.  META-Health University is dedicated to providing adults with high quality education through our unique “integrated open learning” model that fosters a deep understanding of the Body-Mind-Spirit-Social Connection and our inherent Self-healing abilities. META-Health University is not just a great school but a movement to establish a new integrative healing paradigm worldwide.

Media Contact
Company Name: META-Health University
Contact Person: Johannes R. Fisslinger
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Phone: (+1) 808-664-6640
Address:3184 Mapu Pl.
City: Kihei
State: HI
Country: United States
Website: http://www.metahealthuniversity.com

GA Keen Realty Advisors Markets Operating Timeshare Resort For Grand Seas Resort Partners

Grand Seas Resort Offers 812’ of Beautiful Beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean

GA Keen Realty Advisors, the real estate division of Great American Group, Inc. (OTCBB: GAMR), has been retained by Grand Seas Resort Partners, to market the operating timeshare resort and its related assets, which will culminate with a bankruptcy auction in early September.

“The revitalization being seen in the Daytona area provides the perfect backdrop for investors in the hospitality industry who are looking to enter this market,” said GA Keen Realty Advisors Co-President, Matthew Bordwin. “And the property location is spectacular, as it sits directly on over 800 feet of Daytona Beach.”

Operating Timeshare Resort Assets Include:

  • 823 Unsold Timeshare Intervals
  • 0.3 Acres of Vacate Beach Front Land
  • 1,880 SF Sales Center
  • 7,825 SF Restaurant and Offices
  • Potential to negotiate for additional intervals with the lender (1,000 intervals) and HOA (2,000 intervals)
  • Potential to negotiate a new management contract with HOA

Those interested in becoming the stalking horse need to submit their bid by August 29.  Other interested parties need to qualify to participate in the bankruptcy auction by September 5.  Qualified bidders will be invited to participate in the September 10 auction.

For more information about the property and its related asset, call 646-381-9222 or email Matthew Bordwin at mbordwin@greatamerican.com, Chris Mahoney at cmahoney@greatamerican.com or Robert Tramantano at rtramantano@greatamerican.com.

About GA Keen Realty Advisors, LLC

GA Keen Realty Advisors, located in New York, provides real estate analysis, valuation and strategic planning services, brokerage, M&A, auction services, lease restructuring services and real estate capital market services. For more information about GA Keen Realty Advisors, call (646) 381-9222 or visit http://www.greatamerican.com/keen.

About Great American Group, Inc. (OTCBB: GAMR)

Great American Group is a leading provider of asset disposition and auction solutions, advisory and valuation services, capital investment, and real estate advisory services for an extensive array of companies. A trusted strategic partner at every stage of the business lifecycle, Great American Group efficiently deploys resources with sector expertise to assist companies, lenders, capital providers, private equity investors and professional service firms in maximizing the value of their assets. The company has in-depth experience within the retail, industrial, real estate, healthcare, energy and technology industries. The corporate headquarters is located in Woodland Hills, Calif. with additional offices in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Dallas, Melville, N.Y., New York, Norwalk, Conn., San Francisco, London, Milan and Munich. For more information, call (818) 884-3737 or visit www.greatamerican.com.

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Pivotel to distribute ExploreGate’s online training platform to its customers in South Africa

"The South African market emerges as one of the quickly growing training markets however it is crucial to be able to offer a unique combination of innovation and cost effectiveness to thrive in this market's challenging environment. Having a strong partner that can quickly expose our solution to its many customers will definitely have an instrumental role in our expansion in South Africa. " noted Yehuda Holtzman, the CEO of ExploreGate.
Pivotel, a leading provider of Business Solutions and integrator of ICT solutions has teamed with ExploreGate to offer their SaaS training platform to Pivotel customers.

Rockville, MD (Aug 5, 2014) – ExploreGate, a global provider of innovative learning technologies, expands its business to South Africa and announces today a  partnership with Pivotel for the  distribution of its online training platform in South Africa.

The proliferation of mobile and internet infrastructure in South Africa are driving the adoption of new technology-based training solutions for the ongoing improvement of education and skills.  Established in 2009, Pivotel, riding this tide, delivers a holistic range of business value-adding intelligent, converged Information & Communication Technology Solutions delivered primarily to clients in Shopping Centers, Retail Sector, banks, enterprises and Mixed Use Developments. Now Pivotel plans to expand this offering and present to its customers the advantages of ExploreGate’s web-based online training solution.

ExploreGate’s solution, combining the administration of personalized training programs and a free marketplace of crowd sourced training content suitable for various industries, will enable Pivotel’s customers an immediate training delivery  and regardless of logistical and geographical challenges.

“As we strive to enrich the personal business experience of our customers and contribute to their success, we definitely regard ExploreGate’s training solution as the missing piece of this puzzle. Training is a key component of any business success and been proven to affect the bottom line results and employee retention. Moreover, the ExploreGate online training software also functions as a powerful marketing tool, making it easier than ever to keep everyone from company employees, to clients and partners, constantly in the loop and up to date.” says Andreas Botha, the CEO of Pivotel.

ExploreGate presents a creative business concept aimed at cutting training and content cost for businesses. By combining a cutting edge training delivery platform with a comprehensive crowd sourced Content Marketplace that already offers more than 1,500 free video courses on subjects as diverse as management and leadership to robotics and solar energy, ExploreGate is able to serve customers in variety of industries from retail to high technology companies.

“The South African market emerges as one of the quickly growing training markets however it is crucial to be able to offer a unique combination of innovation and cost effectiveness to thrive in this market’s challenging environment. We know that ExploreGate’s solution has what it takes to succeed in the South African demanding market as we did in other territories. Yet, having a strong partner that can quickly expose our solution to its many customers will definitely have an instrumental role in our expansion in South Africa. ” noted Yehuda Holtzman, the CEO of ExploreGate.


About ExploreGate

ExploreGate (www.exploregate.com) redefines the way a business, any business in any industry can acquire, share and retain knowledge. Whether sharing a knowledge base with employees, engaging customers or educating partners, ExploreGate’s cloud based technology offers a complete ecosystem – one that provides an intuitive cloud-based platform for the administration of personalized training programs and a free Marketplace of crowd-sourced expert content to use with it.

With more than 1,500 free video courses on various topics, ExploreGate customers can either choose from an array of already existing content, or request new training content to suit their needs anytime and at no additional cost. Founded in 2012, ExploreGate’s platform serves a growing number of customers worldwide, in industries from satellite to cellular to green energy to retail.

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The Miami Movers Offer Moving Services Tailored to Clients’ Needs

The Miami Movers a family owned and reputable storage and moving company serving the Miami and South Florida region, as well as cross country and internationally are offering comprehensive moving solutions including:

  • Residential Moving Services
  • Commercial Moving Services
  • Piano Moving
  • Specialty Moving Services

This branching out of moving services allows the company to deliver tailored moving services to each client according to their specific needs. Julian Kreyman the owner of The Miami Movers explains:

“The Miami Movers team knows that every move is different and needs special attention. Whether it’s a residential move to a new home or apartment, a commercial relocation of a business or simply a specialty moving service like transporting a piano, all requires tailored planning. Fortunately, this is our area of expertise. We will customize all your moving needs, tailored specifically to your type of move and situation. “

The team at The Miami Movers fully comprehends the stress people go through when they consider moving a business or their home to another place and they also know how important a client’s belongings are to them therefore the fundamental aim of the company is to deliver the type of highly reliable service that puts their client’s minds at ease when they choose to do business with The Miami Movers. The team at the Miami Movers has sufficient training and experience which allows them to understand how to precisely handle specific items to insure a safe transport to client’s new destination. This knowledge and understanding come in handy when the team is asked to move specialty items such as Large pieces of artwork such as framed paintings and sculptures, Large Antiques, Grandfather clock, Big-screen televisions, speakers, and other large electronics, Pool tables and other item that require special care during the move. Julian guarantees:

“The Miami Movers have years of experience in this business and we have dealt with all kinds of hard-to-move items. We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to protect your items during transit, and make sure they get on and off the truck safely.”

Edgar, a client of The Miami Movers was highly satisfied with his experience of moving specialty items by the company, he said:

“I was going stir crazy when we hand to move, because I own a Baby-Grand piano and a 250 gallon saltwater tank. I called The Miami Mover and they did an amazing job. Not one scratch on my baby and the fish tank arrived perfect! I would recommend their professional services above any others in the area.”

About Miami Movers: The Miami Movers is an experienced and knowledgeable, family owned moving company. Proudly serving the Miami and South Florida region, as well as cross country and internationally. Learn more at: http://themiamimovers.com/, also watch a short, informative video about the services the company offers : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sz3CijamSk

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Simon And Mobiquity Technologies To Expand iBeacon Network Nationwide, Creating Opportunity For New Level Of Connection Between Shoppers And Retailers

Simon, a global leader in retail real estate, has announced the expansion of its agreement with Mobiquity Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company focusing on location-based mobile solutions, to create "smart malls" in 200+ Simon retail destinations in the U.S. using Bluetooth-enabled iBeacon technology.

Simon's deployment of Mobiquity's Mobi-Beacon network, already in place in 75 of its premier shopping destinations, provides a unique, opt-in opportunity for customers to engage with retailers, brands and mall apps for timely and contextually-relevant personalized offers, information and real-time experiences.

"We are constantly seeking ways to enhance the Simon shopping experience through relevant, leading-edge technology," said Mikael Thygesen, Chief Marketing Officer of Simon. "We are pleased to help facilitate the growing adoption of iBeacon technology and believe it is an important new initiative that will provide Simon, its retailers and brands with interesting, new ways to reach and communicate with shoppers who choose to opt in to the program."

"The relevant and personalized mobile engagement enabled by our iBeacon-compatible network delivers an entirely new mechanism for mall retailers and brands to provide value to their clientele, and more importantly, create compelling experiences for Simon shoppers," said Michael Trepeta, co-CEO of Mobiquity Technologies. "The ground-breaking capabilities enabled by the network should inspire every retailer and mall-based brand to develop creative campaigns that engage prospective shoppers and drive traffic from the common areas to their desired location."

The expansion of the program across a broader number of Simon's malls, Premium Outlet and Mills centers is expected to be completed by spring of 2015.

About Mobiquity Technologies

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: MOBQ) is a technology company focusing on connecting Fans (consumers) and Brands through a single platform. Mobiquity Technologies is attempting to revolutionize the Location Based Mobile Ecosystem by maximizing "Fan Engagement" through its networks utilizing Beacon, Standard Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and QR technologies. For more information, visit mobiquitynetworks.com and mobiquitytechnologies.com.

About SimonSimon is a global leader in retail real estate ownership, management and development and a S&P100 company (Simon Property Group, NYSE:SPG). Our industry-leading retail properties and investments across North America, Europe and Asia provide shopping experiences for millions of consumers every day and generate billions in annual retail sales. For more information, visit simon.com.

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New Jersey Online Casino Bonuses

PlaySlots4RealMoney.com and AmericanPokerDirectory.com Discuss The Latest Online Casino Bonus Promotions For New Jersey Residents.

When New Jersey opened up their first online casino last October they had very high aspirations.   Every time you turned on the television you see a commercial from one of the eleven Online Casino based out of Atlantic City New Jersey.   Residents of New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, and all over the United States of America have been playing real money casino games online for almost twenty years now.

When the New Jersey Online Casinos first launched they had less than stellar mobile applications for their customers to play real money games on their smart phones and tablets.  They also did not accept major credit and debit cards. Many folks in New Jersey already had Internet and mobile casino accounts with WinPalace, Golden Cherry, Begado, Vegas Casino Online, WinADay, and other New Jersey State competitors.  We are well into August and it has been almost one year since the launch of the first online casino in New Jersey, however they have come a long way.

New Jersey Online Casino Bonus Promotions

WinPalace Casino accepts New Jersey residents and real money casino players from all over The United States of America.  They are currently offering a dynamic U.S. Open no deposit bonus promotion throughout the entire month of August. When folks sign up through a PlaySlots4RealMoney.com or AmericanPokerDirectory.com link or banner, and enter no deposit bonus code USOPEN, they will be able to claim their thirty-dollar free chip to play any casino game online, on their mobile smart phone, or on their Ipad tablet.  If you want to play for real money right away you can qualify for a four hundred percent match bonus that is valid up to eight thousand dollars when you sign up through our website and enter match bonus code USOPEN400.

Begado and Golden Cherry are other New Jersey friendly casinos that welcome players from all over The United States of America. They are having a MTV music awards bonus promotion throughout the entire month of August. When you sign up for Begado through one of our websites and enter no deposit bonus code FREEMTV you will able to claim your forty free spins. New Jersey and all residents of The United States of America can get forty free spins playing ANY slot machine online, on their mobile smart phone, or Ipad tablet.  Begado is also offering a dynamic four hundred percent real money match bonus when you sign up through our website and enter match bonus code MTV400.   Golden Cherry Internet and mobile casino is offering thirty-five dollars in no deposit bonuses when you sign up through us and enter MUSIC35. They are also offering a FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY percent welcome bonus that is good up to eighty-four hundred dollars when you use promotion code MTVAWARDS after you sign up through our website.

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“Josh Lobster” Is a Graphic Novel that Will Captivate the Imaginations of Young and Old Readers

Graphic novels have become an increasingly popular medium for powerful storytelling. The latest from Chris Reilly and Devon Devereaux is a great example of intriguing story conveyed through superior writing and breathtaking visuals.  Chris Reilly was the author of the celebrated graphic novels and comics, “Punch & Judy,” “The Trouble with Igor,” and “Strange Eggs.”  Devon Devereaux has provided the artwork for Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” comics, “The Littlest Bitch” and the graphic novel anthologies “Tales of Hot Rod Horror.” At the time of his death, Chris had been working on his next graphic novel, “Josh Lobster” with artist Devon Devereaux.  “Josh Lobster” tells the story of a mysterious island which is at the heart of a global crisis.

“Josh Lobster” focuses on Goose Cove, an island which is visited annually by a traveling carnival. This year, however, vampires attack the island and all the world’s sea life appears to be heading to Goose Cove. New evidence surfaces in a 20 year old unsolved murder and at the center of it all is the mystery man, Barnacle Bill. Only Josh and his sidekick Misty can uncover the island’s secrets.

Devon Devereaux has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which supporters can obtain copies of “Josh Lobster #1” before the general public. In order to make this possible, Devon has set a goal of $5,000. If reached, contributors will receive various rewards within a few weeks of the close of the campaign.  These rewards include pdf digital copies, first edition signed copies, original art, T-shirts, and signed prints. To learn more about “Josh Lobster” or to claim your rewards, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/devondevereaux/josh-lobster.

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Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/devondevereaux/josh-lobster

Award Winning Buddy Bear Series about to Release “Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure”

One of the most honored and popular edutainment series, Buddy Bear is preparing to release its next video, “Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure.” Like its predecessors, “Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure” will feature amazing production value, first rate performances by Hollywood veterans and memorable musical numbers.  The first video in the Buddy Bear series, “Buddy Bear’s First Day at Preschool” earned numerous honors including Parenting magazine’s “Video of the Year Award” and Scholastic Parent & Child magazine’s “Best New Video” as well as the Telly Award for Original Songs and Music.

“Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure” is produced by the same talented team that made the first video in the series such a critical and commercial success.  The latest video also includes a positive message about overcoming fear, cooperation, respecting others and the importance of new ideas.  The new Buddy Bear character is even more delightful and is sure to enrapture young viewers everywhere.  This new video will also serve as the cornerstone for a new series which introduces youngsters to the power of musical performance, song and dance.

“Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure” has already completed taping, but there is still many post-production stages like visual effects, music and motion tracking which are yet to be completed.  High caliber productions like the Buddy Bear videos are extremely expensive to produce, so the production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $35,000 needed to make “Buddy Bear’s Musical Adventure” a truly spectacular video.  If you or your children enjoyed  “Buddy Bear’s First Day at Preschool” or if you are looking for another wonderfully endearing video to teach and entertain your kids, then please consider supporting this project.  In return for your generous contribution, you may receive digital downloads, DVD’s, autographed soundtracks, T-shirts, or producer credits.  To learn more about “Buddy Bear’s First Day at Preschool” or to make a financial contribution, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/buddybear-in-my-first-musical-adventure.

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Beloved Musician, Lisa V. White, is Recording New Album, “River of Rock”

Veteran musician and celebrated guitarist, Lisa V. White is currently recording ten to 12 new tracks for her upcoming album “River of Rock.” Lisa’s current band is Rolling Circus, and she has been a member of numerous other groups including Toxic Shock. “River of Rock” will feature accompaniment by many acclaimed musicians including drummer Clyde Stubblefield on “What Do You Say” and Jon French (drummer for Curtis Mayfield) on “Close the Final Door.” Lisa also enlisted Roger Fisher, formerly part of the acclaimed group Heart, to help write the lead single and perform it with her.

“River of Rock” is the latest and most appealing of Lisa’s many celebrated albums.  In addition to working with many of the music industry’s most recognized stars and producers, Lisa has released commercially successful albums like “Facets of Me”. “The Wildness of Her Nature”, which has become the “River of Rock”, will feature bassist Sherry Iles, Bob Geiger, Jeff Lisk and Tim Faupl.  Rumor has, Mr. Charlie Brooks (Motown recording artist) will  contribute to this project. 

Ms. White has drawn on her enormous love for groups like Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Vixen to create a truly stunning new musical masterpiece.

Although “River of Rock” is destined to join the pantheon of great rock albums, the production process is yet to be completed.  To help pay for studio time, mastering, cover design and promotion, Lisa has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  Fans and rock enthusiasts who contribute to this important and historic project may receive perks including, signed albums, producer credits, T-shirts, autographed photos and a personalized mp3 recording. To learn more about Lisa V. White or “River of Rock,” or to make a financial contribution, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1979611987/river-of-rock-album

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Tribute Song Supports Charity for Dependents of Firemen Killed in the Line of Duty

Suited Records announces the release of their newest song and video, "The Fireman", a tribute song for the 343 firemen killed on 9/11.

As September 11th draws near we realize that another year has passed since those terrible events occurred in 2001. Each year for thirteen years we have remembered those that lost their lives, and everyone whose lives were altered dramatically from that day forward.

Suited Records has produced a track called “The Fireman” which remembers not just those that were in the Towers the day of the attack, but also those brave men in uniform that went in to try to save the victims. 343 firemen perished in the collapse that day.

“We must remember the tragic events and all who suffered on that 9/11 day and afterwards” states Roy Cooper, owner of Suited Records “but, the firemen where not at the Twin Towers by circumstance or chance, they were there by choice and they paid with their lives.”

The song starts out at the 9/11 Remembrance wall that has been erected on the FDNY building to remember and honor those firemen. A mother sits and touches her son’s name on the wall and remembers him, his life, and how he dreamed of being a fireman since he was a child. The song continues to the haunting truth: "343 brothers perished on that day because duty dedication and honor was their chosen way".

As with other releases from Suited Records, a percentage of the proceeds from “The Fireman” sales will be donated to a designated charity. In this case, to fit with the theme and message of the song, donations will be made to charities that support families of firemen killed in the line of duty or injured at work.

“The Fireman” can be found on Suited Records website where the song can be heard, downloaded, and the video can be watched.

Suited Records is an independent music label that launched in June of 2014. It is run by veteran musician, Roy Cooper, who has been making songs and music videos for over 30 years and now dedicates his career to making a positive change. Suited Records releases cover a wide range of subjects and themes. More information can be found at http://www.suitedrecords.com/

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Contact Person: Roy
Phone: 0208 287 0499
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.suitedrecords.com/

Econais Launches ProbMe WiSmart Secure Configuration Software

Econais ProbMe provides an easy, fast and secure way to add new devices to a network. Multiple devices can be securely configured simultaneously and numerous commands can be implemented and customized – including customization of security options.
Econais ProbMe provides an easy, fast and secure way to add new devices to a network. With ProbMe, after the user unpacks and turns on their new device, the device "quietly listens" until the user activates it - no one else knows it is there. This helps prevent hackers from identifying and attacking new and un-configured devices. The user simply sends out a configuration code from their computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone. The devices are immediately connected and configured.

Econais makes it possible to securely configure an entire network with a single click

SAN JOSE, California, August 5, 2014 -- Econais Inc, the world's leading wireless Wi-Fi module solution provider for the Internet of Things, today announced that the ProbMe(TM) secure configuration software feature is available and shipping with Econais Wi-Fi Modules, Development Kits and Reference Designs. ProbMe solves one of the biggest challenges for consumer and commercial networking - how does an end user securely set up and configure new devices on their network as quickly and easily as possible?  Think WiSmart(TM).

Econais ProbMe provides an easy, fast and secure way to add new devices to a network.  With ProbMe, after the user unpacks and turns on their new device, the device "quietly listens" until the user activates it - no one else knows it is there.  This helps prevent hackers from identifying and attacking new and un-configured devices.  To activate these new Wi-Fi devices, the user simply sends out a configuration code from their computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone. The configuration code is broadcast to all the new devices, which, after “hearing” the code, automatically configure themselves to the network. Voila!  The devices are immediately connected and configured.  What makes ProbMe even more valuable is its ability to activate any number of devices at one time. Hundreds of devices could be located throughout a home or office and instead of having to activate each one separately, they all can be activated and configured in just one simple step.  Talk about saving a LOT of time, hassle, and risk.  Think WiSmart.

According to Alex Manos, CEO of Econais, “Consumers and installers say that ease of securely configuring new devices for consumer and commercial networks is a critical issue in adoption of IoT devices.  ProbMe provides an embedded capability that enables a single step to securely configure 1, 10, 100, or even 1,000 devices in mere seconds.”

Multiple devices can be securely configured simultaneously and numerous commands can be implemented and customized – including customization of security options. ProbMe currently supports commands such as “Connect to Wi-Fi network in client mode”, “Start as Wi-Fi access point” and “Connect to WPS Wi-Fi network by emulating Push Button or PIN”.

The new ProbMe software is included with the EC19D and EC19W Econais Wi-Fi Modules, Development Kits and Reference Designs, and are available through major industry distributors such as Digi-Key, http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/EC19D01DK/1483-1007-ND/4733089.   For additional information regarding ProbMe, please visit the Econais weblink at www.econais.com/probme.

About Econais Inc:

Econais is an embedded module manufacturer and solutions company building ultra-low power connectivity solutions to address the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) markets. WiSmart modules integrate 32bit MCU, Wi-Fi, and cloud connectivity with rich and comprehensive libraries of software and vertical applications.  Econais’ easy-to-use wireless modules and integrated software, packed with advanced features, enable customers to leverage the globally installed base of Wi-Fi access points and smartphones to quickly and confidently create connected smart products for audio, video, smart home, wearables, healthcare, smart energy, consumer, and control and monitoring in industrial, commercial and residential markets. http://www.econais.com



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Media Contact
Company Name: eConais Inc.
Contact Person: Brent Ward, Marketing
Email:Send Email
Phone: (919) 345-2336
City: San Jose
State: California
Country: United States
Website: http://www.econais.com

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