Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trailer for New Indie Comedy is Geographically Desirable

Geographically Desirable
A romantic-comedy from Mike Kravinsky is generating heat on the indie circuit.

The first trailer for Geographically Desirable, an anticipated new rom-com fixing on the life and loves of a TV news woman has been released.

Described as a cross between The Newsroom and Hope Floats, writer/director Mike Kravinsky’s film tells of an overworked sleep deprived TV News woman, Nicole, whose life is derailed when she inherits a house in a small quirky town.

"I didn't want Geographically Desirable to be about big city vs small town", explains Kravinsky. "It's more about life priorities as well as personal and professional happiness." 

Blair Bowers, who gives a head-turning performance as Nicole - though she originally met for another part.

"Originally, I had Blair pegged as Nicole's friend Abby", says Kravinsky. "But as auditions went on, it became obvious that Blair's acting and comedic skill would really bring Nicole's character to life. Blair had this wonderful ability to be both a hard driving work obsessed producer as well as warm and funny at the same time." 

Kravinsky believes Geographically Desirable is a "a good representation of what life is like for a woman who is really into her TV news job and more importantly, what it's like to work the overnight shift. The lack of sleep and how Nicole deals with it is something that anyone who works the graveyard shift should understand."

Geographically Desirable is already snaring good buzz, with the trailer likely to solidify its status as one of the must-see indies of 2014.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ygI6OdpBYe0

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