Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Independent Erotica Author Writes About His Real-Life Sexual Adventures Publishes Groundbreaking Book in Chinese Mandarin

EH Watson also currently offers a 30 day limited time period 67% discount for all his four books on his series entitled My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation

British independent author EH Watson is offering a 67% discount on his four bestselling transgender erotica books [his Ladyboy Erotic Vacation Series] until midnight of September 5 for a 30 day period. All books are now available to purchase for just $1 dollar each. The first of these books, entitled 'My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation' is now also available in Chinese Mandarin. EH Watson is one of the few (if not only) erotica authors to see the future potential of a 1 billion+ Chinese market. The Chinese edition is initially available on Smashwords. All books are published and also available on Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu.com and other major platforms.

Book Background

Unlike authors such as EL James, of Fifty Shades of Grey fame, all of EH Watson's books are written as faithful recollections of his real life sexual adventures in local and international spots, with only names of people changed to protect identities. Thus it's also imperative that he also uses a pen-name to protect his identity given the book's nature and that he frequently travels.

My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation is the first in a series of four ladyboy erotic vacation books. The book speaks of Watson's time in Thailand, enjoying his first experience with a beautiful Thai ladyboy.

It focuses on transgender sex of a heterosexual but bi-curious protagonist, the author himself, who partakes in countless encounters with the 'third sex' from all the four corners of the world. This book is based in Asia and subsequent books follow the author as he indulges in hedonism all over the world.

Just a polite caution for those interested in buying the book: the stories are very descriptive and graphic in nature so for those who enjoy graphic erotica novels then book promises heaven. For first timers, the author says “be prepared to be shocked and amazed.”

The other books in the series are as follows: My First Ladyboy Spitroast, My Shocking English Shemale Gangbang, and My Depraved Amsterdam TGirl Adventure.

These real-life explicit shemale erotica books by E.H. Watson are also available to buy and download on Nook, Kobo, Kindle & IBook store.

Marketing Ace

As an independent author and publisher, EH Watson finds the competition rather very constricting so he came up with elaborate and aggressive marketing plans.

Aside from publishing through a cheaper route which is online, Watson also uses social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, in an extensive manner. He uses these platforms to regularly communicate with his fan base. He has also launched other innovative marketing methods like online book trailers on Smashwords, his Amazon author page and Youtube channel.

His overview promotional video can be sampled here: http://youtu.be/PNeztM8OYEQ

With his dedication to hedonism, explicit & entertaining writing, and his continuous adventures, EH Watson has now amassed a loyal following and an exponentially growing popularity.

To avail of the discounted prices of just $1 per book [which normally retails at $2.99] readers must use the following coupon codes:

WF65J – for My First Ladyboy Sex Vacation
DS97U – for My First Ladyboy Spitroast
DA78J – for My Shocking English Shemale Gangbang and
LA65N – for My Depraved Amsterdam TGirl Adventure

These can only be redeemed on Smashwords.com by typing 'EH Watson' in the search query to be taken to the individual book listings of the author. Users can just enter the discount codes at checkout to obtain the $1 book price.

Further information on EH Watson can be found at: http://about.me/ehwatsTSlover and https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ehwatson1

About EH Watson
EH Watson was a pseudonym that the author has adopted to protect his other endeavors. He frequently travels to inspire the real stories as depicted in his books but he also maintains other correspondences and entrepreneurial activities both offline and online. Although he doesn't doubt the open-mindedness of people he meets frequently, some people may just be too conservative and frown upon his lifestyle. He has written the series to share his experiences with the huge market of liberal-minded readers who will enjoy his work in a vicarious manner and may even be inspired to further their own erotic awakenings.

YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com and Search for ‘EH Watson’.

Media Contact
Company Name: EH Watson
Email:Send Email
Phone: +44 7711 263 231
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://amazon.com/author/ehwatson


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