Friday, August 1, 2014

Annachiara Simonetti Launches Her Book – ‘Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 Wisdom Seeds To Turn Your Challenges Into Opportunities’

Annachiara Simonetti, a Certified Life Coach in Strategic Intervention has launched her first e-book, 'Ignite your personal transformation — 365 Wisdom Seeds to Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities.'

A new e-book titled ‘Ignite your personal transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities’ was released yesterday by Author and Life Coach Annachiara Simonetti, expert in Strategic Intervention.

Speaking on the occasion, Annachiara said, “I am extremely happy to announce the launch of my new book ‘Ignite your personal transformation: 365 wisdom seed to turn your challenges into opportunities.’ This book is all about inspiration, motivation and converting the challenges of life into opportunities. Everybody wants to live a happy and fulfilled life by living their dreams; however, many feel limited, stuck and disappointed. My book will help them to get inspiration for converting their dreams into reality by using their thoughts in a constructive way that will unlock their inner power.”

Annachiara’s new book is available on Kindle. Annachiara works personally with her coaching clients to help them with her unique ideas find creative solutions to their life’s challenges and to live their dreams. She uses her intuition, creativity and understanding as well as powerful strategies learned, created and refined throughout the years to facilitate her clients’ personal growth.

Annachiara is very skilled in assisting her clients identify the limiting beliefs that are obstructing their progress. She helps others connect with their own power and attain their goals in different areas of their lives such as career, relationships, health and spirituality and to leave a peaceful, happier life.

With her book “Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities” she is offering many different approaches to alter one’s thinking into a winning perspective that will naturally bring forth more joy, peace, freedom and love. It is of utter importance the kind of questions we pose to ourselves and you will be shown unequivocally how by asking yourselves the right questions, your mindset will be altered and will spontaneously become more creative and life affirming. You will start to see life with the eyes of love and understanding, taking things less personally and being a powerful, peaceful inspiration to others. This is really a stunning book, that will truly charge and ignite your inner fire.

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