Friday, August 1, 2014

“Famlry” spurs kids to develop a wholesome attitude in their lives

Parents breathe a sigh of relief as this web application allows their children to value good behavior without any compulsion.

Famlry is a system specifically designed for parents to utilize the token economy system in order to motivate their kids to complete their day to day tasks. This web application creates a platform for the interaction between parents and children that is simple yet effective. It allows parents to monitor and ensure the development of their children in all aspects.

Famlry has a very simplistic approach of task and reward which is known to be indisputably effective for development. Once a family account has been created, parents can begin to set tasks, manage school schedules and events and subsequently overview their kid’s performance with provided statistics. The smartest feature of this web application is its reward system that parents can use to motivate their kids. Tokens can be given to them after the completion of each task which they can collect, to obtain a final reward. Rewards can also directly be linked to a task which gives children better motivation to finish it. The entire application is user friendly as parents receive notifications of all activities of their children such as completion of tasks and addition of events. This makes the task of supervising much easier.  The application is made simple for kids as well and is also visually appealing, in that, it is designed perfectly to retain their attention.

Famlry is the product of a well researched behavioral modification study that supports the system of rewards for good behavior and performance. This application inculcates a sense of responsibility in children as the token system helps them understand the value of their rewards. This inevitably evades procrastination during later years. It also motivates them to actively participate in family events and household chores. The most important factor however, is that, addiction to the internet is kept at bay as the system ensures the inclusion of physical activities which also keeps children physically and mentally healthy.

About Famlry:

Famlry was developed by the renowned clinical psychologist Bjorn Hardarson as a melioration of his previous company, Responsible surfing which concentrated on time restriction on the internet to avoid addiction in kids. Famlry was created in order to promote positive parenting that unquestionably yields better results as it uses the earlier restricted factor as a reward.

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