Monday, August 4, 2014

Basically introduction about the classical Celine bag series-Celine Luggage and Celine Trapeze

August 4, 2014 - UK - For each Celine handbag fans, the famous version of this bag series which name is Celine Luggage and Celine Trapeze should be the most famous one. Now, the specialized editor from famous Celine bag online seller celine mini will introduce with people the detailed information about this sort of handbag.

Celine In general, the Celine Luggage Boston series handbag makes use of a series of high-grade leather and python leather to the prominent perfect texture while the front appearance of this handbag looks like a bag of human face so this bag has been called the smiley package. Furthermore, the finest materials and high standard of craftsmanship from the inside to the outside of this handbag could effectively show with people the luxury and simplicity of the Celine Luggage bags. At the same time, this sort of bag also has a strong practicality and functionality which could also be called the IT bag.

The Celine Luggage could be regarded as one of the most important models of the Céline leather series. The creative director of this brand whose name is Phoebe Philo rewrites the history of this brand’s classical design and the history of contemporary luxury. Celine Luggage also give people the newly interpretation of cautious and confident attitude with top quality.

As the introduction of editor from celine nano lugguage, the Celine Luggage will be divided into different price version as the difference of the cortex and sizes. However, the minimum size of this bag has been price at more than 1200 dollars. If people want to purchase the high quality Celine luggage with cheap price, please get contact with the famous online seller Celine bag UK.

In addition to the Celine luggage, there are also other classical versions of Celine bag such as the Celine Trapeze. Because of its unique shape, the Celine Trapeze is commonly known by the public with the name of swing bag. This sort of bag is also one of the most important styles of Celine handbag series. It is also very excellent represent of the fashion mind of the designer Phoebe Philo. Nowadays, the Celine Trapeze has been chased by a large number of models and fashion bloggers.

Overall speaking, the containing capacity of the swing bag is very large and the style of this bag belongs to the classic type, giving more confidence in the strength of contemporary women. For the price of this bag, the official price of this sort of Celine Trapeze bag is a little bit higher than the price of the Celine Luggage ( However, the outside shape of this bag could be the same with the Celine Luggage.

At last, if people want to purchase above Celine bag with cheap price, please visit the official website of the famous Celine seller Celine bag UK.

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