Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Competitive Cosmotown Composite Offer Containing Domain Renewal Price That Beats Competition

Cosmotown offers registration, renewal, and transfer at bargain prices. We at Cosmotown challenge their customers to find a lower regular price than theirs on .com or .net in 90 days with a reward to refund double the difference if a customer stumbles upon any.

In addition, the company’s domain renewal price also looks like a steal.

The Palo Alto based domain registration company is aggressively marketing their services by offering lowest pieces on all the three spaces – registration, transfer, and renewal.

These days, consumers are confused at the variety of offers by different domain name registrars. The market is flooded by an overabundance of registrar companies, each capable of registering consumers’ chosen domain for a fee.

With wide variation of fees in the market, consumers obviously have more to consider.

An important thing to note is the registration fee for the actual domain name forms only part of the final fee charged by the registrar. The registration company adds its own fees for providing service to consumers to fashion the final price.

“Wide variation in even domain name renewal price forces customers to compare the level and style of registrar companies’ services”, says an official of a domain registrar.

“Customer service is another main factor consumers must consider, apart from if the company also bundles-in a hosting package with the new domain”.

Many consumers are now convinced that the value of a deal must be weighed-in on all counts.

When customers register their domain name for whatever consideration, they must check domain name is not affected in any way.

In this cut-throat scenario Cosmotown looks to be holding on its own.

The company has made registering easy. All that consumers have to do is finding and choosing a domain name, adding more extensions to protect their brands, and then checking out.

Even Cosmotown’s domain name price does not have any strings attached. Existing and new customers are charged the same. Even all promos are offered on the same terms.

The price packages are bundled with free Whois privacy for life, and renewal price is guaranteed at low prices for longer term registrations.

Cosmotown hopes to carry its hard- hitting marketing campaign to earn a reputation as the best domain name registrar in business.

In any case, The Palo Alto based global domain name registrar’s efforts seem to be paying off. The registrar has built up enviable trust in the market.

About headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, has been accredited by ICANN in 2010. The company is a one-stop shop for all domain related needs of customers.

Consumers desirous of contacting can do so by emailing:

Media Inquiries
James Paik
VP, Sales & Marketing
The Lowest Prices that Last

Company Name: Cosmotown
Contact Person: James
Email:Send Email
Phone: +1 650-473-9500
Address:Palo Alto, CA
State: California
Country: United States


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