Friday, November 9, 2012

Tips To Find Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate mothers can help bring babies into the world for parents who are unable to do so for biological or physiological reasons. Surrogacy cases have increased in the recent times because it lets you have a child faster as compared to adoption which is a longer and more complicated process. Most importantly, surrogate mothers can give you the joy of having children biologically related to you.


Finding a surrogate mother is of utmost importance when you are keen to have a child through surrogacy. You need to keep in mind some important considerations when you decide to opt for surrogacy. Both the parties involved in a surrogacy contract must respect their duties.


What you need to know before hiring surrogate mothers:


·         Before you contact an agency, you must first understand the surrogacy laws in the state where you reside. The laws of surrogacy tend to vary from state to state and this influences the costs of the procedure.

·         You have to decide whether you want a genetic or gestational surrogate.

·         You should hire lawyers specializing in surrogacy laws, or alternately, register with reputed surrogate agencies.

·         You can post your ad for a surrogate mother if you haven't approached a lawyer or an agency. You can refer to fertility and parenting websites or local newspapers to get names of surrogate mothers. You can even ask your gynecologist and friends who have used surrogates for referrals.

·         Once you have shortlisted the names of surrogates, you should interview them and find out about their surrogacy history.

·         When you have made a choice, you can ask your lawyer to draw up a contract which categorically states the intents of both the parties.


Now, it is possible to have your own biological child using surrogate mothers. Although the issue remains controversial, it is the perfect solution for women who may have uterus-related problems, who have had a hysterectomy, or for whom getting pregnant can be a medical risk.


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