Thursday, November 15, 2012

Launch of Overall Travel – Where Destinations Explore The Real You!

See how any of your journeys outside is actually a journey within.. 

Delhi & NCR, November 12, 2012 – You first become a painter and then, a traveller when you always begin with a sketch, color it and get it framed. Once through, you put it on display and others can see what evolution you must've gone through. Believe it or not, our imagination leads to our dreams, our dreams lead to desires, and our desires lead to destinations. And, destinations touch your soul! Overall Travel brings a fresh lease of life for those who travel frequently and more importantly who plan to do it more often... 

Those who travel a lot know what it does to them. Suddenly, your inquisitiveness is at its peak and you develop the urge to know more. If on one hand, mountains and hills teach you to be yourself keeping conviction, beaches and island show how infinite you are once you unwrap yourself. Small cities introduce you to large-hearted people and the big cities full of life fill the emptiness in you. Sometimes, long trips give you an endless joy, short excursions expose you to the missing adventure in life and weekend getaways ensure that you swiftly charge yourself up. Your proximity to nature colours you green and villages make you earthy. And, this is how Overall Travel will slowly slither into your life and gives you similar experiences of breathing life every now and then. As Mr. Bhupender Mehta, Founder & CEO of Overall Travel reverberates, "Travel is a great affair to move on to unfamiliar grounds... This is why travel is not an expense... It's an investment that never gets you disappointed."

Ironically, travel itself has come a long way. Today, picking up options with respect to service-providers to best deals to competitive pricing is not difficult at all. And, it becomes a lot easier if you are ready to further compromise with quality of services. But, why do that? 

We at Overall travel are committed to turn every trip of yours into a treasure hunt with something sensational to explore. With our key USPs, you gradually gain trust in us with respect to security of financial transactions as well as your personal information and eventually, complete peace of mind. Each of our travellers gets personalised attention, warmth and care when away from home. 

So, don't wait for too long and plan your holiday with Overall Travel and explore the real you!

About Us

Overall Travel is a leading online travel solution provider with rich industry experience. Our bouquet of services includes best deals across the globe, thanks to our liaison with big names in travel industry. Excellent Customer Support and most competitive prices are some of our key USPs. Our experts have knitted each services with complete detailing, giving you a sense of fulfilment.    

Contact Information

Amit Pathria, Associate Director – Corporate Affairs

Tel: +91-120-488-8900 | Mobile: +91-9873903663




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