Thursday, October 25, 2012

LogicMonitor Launches Inexpensive, Automated SNMP Monitoring Tool

LogicMonitor proivdes a SaaS-based SNMP monitoring service through its cloud data centers (secure facilities in the U.S.). The hosted monitoring tool has a distinct advantage. A single collector is installed on a server within the network. Cisco monitoring, application monitoring, network monitoring and more are all handled by this collector, which sends the information to the cloud data centers - making it viewable from a portal website with SSL user authentication.


LogicMonitor is offering affordable, reliable, and automated SNMP monitoring for servers, networks, Cloud, applications, and storage. The need for an effective but inexpensive server monitoring service is increasingly sought after, particularly by MSPs and companies with increasing IT demands. Premise-based monitoring of networks presents several difficulties, owing  to the hundreds of processes and devices that need to be monitored, even with the support of so-called free tools for SNMP monitoring, they require a great deal of time from high-level technicians to work effectively This is what differentiates LogicMonitor from other types of network monitoring services.


LogicMonitor offers unique benefits. The company helps businesses with the task of monitoring networks. The LogicMonitor tool simplifies network management by automatically discovering devices already present, and newly added with equal proficiency, then collects the right data (default configurations for most devices and services), presents the data in an easily interpretable format, and provides alerts according to user (or default) specifications. There are no additional expenses on setup or training, both are included with monthly pricing. The tool improves productivity and reduces man-hours required for monitoring networks, while at the same time, accurately assessing the health of networks and alerting administrators should a problem occur.


The monitoring system involves a data collector installed behind the firewall. The data collector gathers relevant data from networks and applications, and forwards it to a data center. The data center assesses the data, and sends an alert if an anomaly of any kind is detected. Alerts are issued through email, SMS, and voice-to-text phone calls. Users can set up alerts through their branded website portal. The alerts can be set at different levels, starting from a mild warning to a serious "critical" notification that calls for immediate attention.


The alerts can be set to reach different departments or people, depending on the type of problem and the time. If the designated person does not respond to an alert, escalation occurs and it is automatically sent to the next person designated, and so on. ActiveDiscovery, also part of the LogicMonitor solution is a tool that requires that you simply input the IP address or host name for it to automatically configure and monitor the devices on the network. This SNMP monitoring tool goes one step further; it is compatible with JDBC, WMI, and perfmon, among others.


LogicMonitor has two data centers in the US. One in Los Angeles and another in Virginia. The data center servers are fully secured against intrusion, accidents, and damage through 24/7 presence of personnel, firewalls, secure access, surveillance, fire alarms, and climate control. The data center has been certified compliant with SAS 70 norms. Data security is further ensured by firewalls, SSL, password protection, encryption, and logs detailing access.


Contact Us:

LogicMonitor, Inc.

901 Olive St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101




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